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TP4, Functional Language.
Beginners. level


In this lesson, students learn some vocabulary about technology.They learn how to use the possession verb " have " in Yes,No questions. They also practice more speaking through asking and answering about emails.Also, listening skill is well activated in this lesson.


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Main Aims

  • To enable the students to use the verb "have " during speaking practice . To enable the students to ask and answer Yes, No questions.

Subsidiary Aims

  • To recognize technology vocabulary. To practice more speaking.


warm up (1 minutes) • to get the students into the proper mode and review the previous lessons.

First, I greet all the students with" Hi, Good morning . How are you ? Nice to see you and so on .

Recognizing Vocabulary. (4-6 minutes) • For the student to know and pronounce the main vocabulary which he needs to practice speaking in this lesson.

I show the students flash cards including pictures for the technology vocabulary asking them " What's this ?" and they answer " It's a ..... .".I repeat this question till I make sure all the students recognized all the main vocabulary well .

Listening Skill (5-6 minutes) • For the student to improve his listening ability.

I tell the students they are going to listen to the cd and draw their attention to that. After they listen the first time, I play it again asking them to repeat after the cd.Then, I ask the students to do exercise 1 and match the pictures with the vocabulary.

The possession verb "have " and Yes,No Question. (14-16 minutes) • for the student to express what he has got and what he hasn't through Yes ,no questions.

I give each student a flash card and then I ask everyone the question "What do you have?.all the students answers me "I have a .... ." Then I ask them to work in pairs doing the same thing.Next, I ask them to stand up and make a big circle.Each student has a flash card . I hold the squeaky fish and say " I have a... ." Do you have a .....? and throw the squeaky fish to a student . He answers " Yes , I have a..... . " or " No, I don't have a .... , I have a ...... .And so, all students practice Yes,No questions and answers.

Short Game. (4-6 minutes) • for the student to practice speaking more and more by using Yes,No questions and answers with the verb have.

I ask all students to turn their flash cards on their back to hide the pictures. Each student does not know his partner's picture so he asks him "Do you have a digital camera ?", "No, I haven't a digital camera .", " Do you have a fax ?" .... Nd so on till he knows what his partner has . Of course , the other partner ask him the same questions.

Asking about emails. (7-8 minutes) • To recognize some email symbols and to ask about and tell the email.

First, I draw some email symbols on the board and then, I ask them to listen carefully to the cd .They repeat after the cd . Next, I write the words of the symbols and ask the students to match. Then, I write my email address on the board and ask the students to read it correctly.Next, I give each student a sheet of paper having an email address and ask the students to work in pairs asking "What's your email address ?" and the other student answers " It's ........ ." If the student doesn't take an email, his answer will be " Sorry, I don't have one.

Using " and " and " but ". (8-10 minutes) • For the student to practice more speaking using " and " and " but ".

In exercise 1 " speaking Part ",there's a chart. First I instruct the students on how to fill in the spaces with a tick or a cross .After each student finishes , I give them examples of how to express what a person has at work or at home and a person use and don't use using " and " and " but ". Finally , all students stand up, go around,change their partner and practice more speaking.

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