Grant Grant

Writing Lesson TP8
upper intermediate level


The students will learn the structure of a recipe and how to write their own.


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Main Aims

  • To provide process writing practice of a recipe in the context of the individual's favorite thing to cook

Subsidiary Aims

  • To provide practice of cooking words in the context of a recipe


Warmer/Lead-in (3-4 minutes) • To set lesson context and engage students

I will draw them in with a goofy question then Ask one student "do you cook food often?" then ask the Q "Do you prefer cooking with or without a recipe" they will have 1 minute to discuss in BR's. Ask CCQs, "how many min do you have?" and "will you be discussing you preference?"

Gist Task/ Model (3-4 minutes) • To lead the Ss into the general theme of the text; to provide a model of the text type

they will be given 30 seconds to read and look for answers to the questions" Why should you make this dish? and What is the writer suggesting?" I will call on 2 different stong students to respond to these questions. Then in the next slide they will be directed to have something to write on and match the paragraph/section to its name. They will be given 1 min to complete this task. Then I will call on people for their answers

Language Focus (6-7 minutes) • To focus on the text structure; to introduce and highlight useful language for the task

They will be asked wether it is formal or informal writing. I will ask for the students to locate 2 details from the text that tell them what kind of text it is. Then I will ask them to locate a suggestion in the text, an If, Then statement, and Instructions. I will haves students lead me in underlining the examples in the text. Finally they will be given a slide to match the correct form of the sentence to.

Planning/ Preparation (2-3 minutes) • To give Ss thinking and note-taking time to organize ideas for the subsequent task

Students will be given a minute to think of their dish they will write about. I will ask them CCQ's and to share their idea. I will also send them a link to a google doc to write in

Writing Task (14-15 minutes) • To provide authentic written practice using correct text type structure and target language presented

Students will spend this time writing their recipes.

Publishing (7-8 minutes) • To provide practice in skimming and reading for details; to promote interest in what other Ss have written

I will put them in BRs and give them a checklist to read their partners work and see if they can locate different key items in their writing.

Feedback on Content and Language (6-7 minutes) • To share a student's work with the whole class; to highlight errors and any good language that Ss have used and promote peer correction

I will locate and cope and paste good sentences and ones that need to be fixed and we will address them as a class

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