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Copy of "Robberies" TP 3 Session 3/3
İntermediate level


In this section of the lesson, students will practice their listening and speaking fluency skills. Students will be presented with/review relevant vocabulary relating to the topic of “Robberies”. Students will then practice listening fluency by watching three film clips from films in which the main plotline is about robberies. Students will then practice speaking fluency with an extended discussion of one of the film clips. Students will first be introduced to the topic of “Robberies” through a discussion, linking back to the previous lesson where they learned the word “thief” and the plural “thieves”. The topic will be related to them by asking if any student has had experience with a robbery (or being robbed). Students will then be asked about what films they know about robberies. Students will be taught or review any relevant vocabulary relating to this topic. Students will then watch the three film clips where they will be given different tasks for each clip to practice a range of different listening skills including scan listening (or listening for specific information) and gist listening (listening to determine the overall meaning of the clip). The film clips may be played more than once if required. Students will then watch one of the clips again. The clip will be paused in the middle and students will practice speaking fluency skills by talking about what will happen next in the clip and how the dialogue continues. Students will watch the second half of the clip again as material for the second speaking task where students will practice recently learned vocabulary and functional language structures of using “would” and “giving advice”. By engaging in PW with a “role play” type exercise where one person (the listener) acts as the character in the film clip and listens to their partner give advice and talk about what they would have done if in the situation of the character in the film clip. Students will then switch roles.


Main Aims

  • To provide fluency practice for integrated listening and speaking skills through pair work discussions in a semi-controlled activity and in another freer speaking activity in the context of robberies.

Subsidiary Aims

  • To provide review and clarification of vocatulary in the context of robberies and movie clips.
  • To provide scan listening (listening for specific information) practice using a movie clip about robberies.
  • To provide gist listening practice using a movie clip about robberies.


Lead In (2-4 minutes) • Set the context (orient students), relate TL material to students to get them interested in the topic.

Ask students if they can remember what word was talked about yesterday - "İf someone takes something that is not theirs" - elicit the word "Thief" - Ask students if they know another word with the same meaning ("Steals"), another one.. Show pic of bank robbery. - Ask students if they have had any experience with "Robbery" - or being robbed. - does anyone remember any movies about robberies - generate discussion to attempt to generate vocabulary words relevant to the topic and upcoming video clips.

Pre-Teach vocabulary - Lexis (10-11 minutes) • To Pre-teach vocabulary relevent to the film clips and related to the theme "Robberies"

SEE SEPERATE LANGUAGE ANALYSIS SHEET - nuts - timer - vault - invent - rob - grab - conquer - mystery - “pull it off” - witty - bright - Smuggle - Suckers

Oceans 11 - Film clip (3-4 minutes) • Practice students "gist" listening skills

- Ask students if they now or can remember any film where the characters decide to rob a casino - KEEP this short - Tell the students that we will be watching a clip from the film "Oceans 11" - ask if anyone can remember what happens in the movie briefly - Tell the students that we will watch a scene where Brad Pitt and George Cloony’s characters go and ask and old friend for help. While watching the film - “What is the general message their friend is telling them?” - Ask ICQ’s “Do İ want the details?” “Do want to know what he is eating” - After the clip, lead class in discussion – try to elicit the advice vocabulary taught in a recent lesson e.g. “You should not… because” - İf necessary play clip again – but i do not anticipate this.

Italian Job Film Clip (3-6 minutes) • To practice scan listening skills (listenig for specific information)

- Ask students if they now or can remember any film where a robbery TAKES PLACE İN İTALY – MINI COOPERS - KEEP this short - Tell the students that we will be watching a clip from the film "The İtalian Job" - ask if anyone can remember what happens in the movie briefly - Tells the students that we will watch a scene where members of the group are preparing for the robbery. - tell the students that the two men in the car need something from the blond woman. - "What do they need?" "They need two things" - "İ want you to work İndividually. Write your answers down on a piece of paper and don't show your friends or classmates" "They will say what they need more than once, so keep listening" Ask CCQ's "Does the woman need something from the men?" "How many things do the men need?" "Will you tell or show your friend the answers?" - Play clip - Check responses and play clip again if necessary (if some students did not get the answer. POSSİBLE VARİATİON (if class is large) - At the end of the clip check paper answers randomly - mix of stronger and weaker students - İf some students got wrong answer or did not get any answer - play the clip again İf all/most students got the answer then ask one to reveal one of the items needed by the men, and another student to reveal the other item. ANSWER: Service van and shirt

The Pink Panther Film Clip 3 (6-7 minutes) • To practice scan listening (listening for specific information) and to set up speaking exercises.

- Tell students that we will now watch the third film clip. - tell them that we will watch the clip a second time but I want them to try to remember what happens in the clip. - While watching i want them to try to hear "why does he put the items in his pocket?" - PLAY CLIP - have a discussion WC to get feedback. "Airline food is for suckers" ANSWER

Speaking Stage (7-10 minutes) • Practice speaking fluency, new vocabulary,

- Tell the students that they will now watch some of the Pink Panther Clip again - Pause the video mid- way at the end of the tutor scene before the airport scene - ask the student to get into pairs Talk with your partner about what happens next..."What do the characters say?" "What happens?" - İ will monitor and note any errors İ hear - Get feedback WC - Address any noted errors WC.. try to elicit answers from students themselves

Speaking Stage 2 (9-10 minutes) • Practice speaking fluency and integrated use of recently taught functional language structures

- ask students "would you have done it like that?" - elicit "İ would...." - review some functional language related to giving advice by asking "what advice would you give to the character?" - See how many they can remember of the functional advice giving sentences. Ask students to get into pairs - try to mix pairs up - ask one student to be the Inspector Clouseau character in the film and listen to their friend tell them what they would do if they were in the situation of Inspector Clouseau and give advice to their partner - tell students that when İ squeeze the squeaky toy İ want them to switch places. Ask İCQ's - get feedback from students in a WC discussion.

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