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Nursing Homes
B1 level


This speaking lesson aims at giving the students the chance to speak more in class and share their ideas and opinions. To begin with, a short video will be displayed to guess the topic, followed by two or three questions to discuss in groups. Then students will use a text to provide them with more ideas and useful language that enables them to speak comfortably and confidently in the debate. Error correction will definitely take place here to improve the students' accuracy.


Main Aims

  • To provide fluency and accuracy speaking practice in a debate and coversation in the context of nursing homes

Subsidiary Aims

  • To provide gist and scan reading practice using a text about different opinions in the context of nursing homes


Stage 1 (lead In) (5-10 minutes) • To get students interested in the topic

-Project a short video of about three minutes -Try to elicit the topic from the students -Write the topic on the W/B -Give students two questions to discuss in groups

Stage 2 (preparing students to speak) (3-6 minutes) • To give the students the chance to brainstorm ideas through a short text

- Project a picture and ask students a question "what makes her sad?" -Students discuss in groups -Give students handouts including short texts that are related to the picture -Students read individually and quickly -Students compare their guesses to what the story is about in groups

Stage 3 ( Useful Language) (10-15 minutes) • To clarify language students might need to use in their speaking task

- Give students a paper that has different opinions that are related to the short text -Elicit from students which opinions are with or against the suggestion in the text - Write the useful expressions to show agreement/ disagreement on the W/B by eliciting them form students -Students discuss in groups whether they agree/ disagree with those opinions - Students will make two circles and practice the second conditional while speaking

Stage 4 ( debate) (4-9 minutes) • To get students to practice speaking

- Have students line up -Get one line to agree with the idea of sending old people to nursing homes and the other line to disagree - Get them to switch roles and speak

Stage 5 ( error correction) (3-6 minutes) • To point out the students' errors and fix them

- Write down the mistakes students make on a paper while monitoring -Write the sentences on the W/B -Ask students to figure out the mistakes -Elicit the mistakes and give FB

Stage 6 ( flexi stage) (3-5 minutes) • To give students to practice more speaking

- Put students in groups of four - Give students four pictures, one for each with a paper that has four statements -Each student describe the pic for each other and try to match -Give students FB

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