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B2 level


The context (fashion) has already been set for this lesson and the topics that are to be covered in the lesson will be related to the same context. Grammatical focus will be on practicing relative pronouns and distinguishing between defining & non-defining clauses.


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Main Aims

  • To practice defining and non-defining relative clauses in context of fashion .

Subsidiary Aims

  • To have students speak for fluency in context of fashion.


Stage 1- Lead in (12 minutes) • To connect with the previous lesson and introduction of the grammar topic.

- Asking students what was the previous lesson about - Asking them about the speakers they listened to in the previous lesson - Have the SS guess the audio clip to which the sentences in ex.1 belong - Declare the grammar topic of the lesson and it's small introduction

Stage 2- Fill in the blanks (15 minutes) • To make the students understand "defining" and "non-defining" (essential and nonessential) clauses

- Provide them basic insights of the terms using PPT - Have them do the ex.1 - Slight WC FB and answer key on slide

Stage 3- Underline (the unnecessary relative pronoun) (6 minutes) • To learn as to when relative pronoun can be omitted from defining relative clauses

- Distribute the HO to SS - Have them do ex.5 as a controlled practice - Declare the answers through slide after a small FB session (CCQ)

Stage 4- Semi-controlled exercises( fill in the blanks and PW FB) (10 minutes) • To make students practice the learned topics in a freer way.

- Have SS do ex. 3 (Couse book) - Make them discuss and cross- check each other with ex.4(course book) - monitor them and provide FB as and when necessary(for checking the answers) - Conclude the lesson

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