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Grammar lesson
A1 level


In this lesson ,the context is everyday routine .Ss will be able to talk about their daily plan for themselves and another person 's daily plan and will practice the grammar through their practices .


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Main Aims

  • Grammar simple present

Subsidiary Aims

  • Reading


Lead in • To generate interest in topics

T will stick some images of daily routines on the board .Ss stand in 2 lines ,T will call one daily routine 2 students who stand in front should find and take the image.There is only one image for each routine.

Practice • To provide controlled written practice

T will ask the Ss to write 5 sentences about their daily plan . Pair check Chang partner check with them.

Practice 2 • To provide less controlled practice

T will stick picture of diffrent people in different jobs and have the students guess about their daily routines in pairs. Changing the pairs

Listening task • To introduce the target lg via listening

Ss will listen to ex 2.2 and write the numbers . Pair check wc

Highlighting target lg • By underlying activity

T will ask the students which was the answer of previous ex Emma gets up early

Clarifying grammer • MFP

By asking some CCQs teacher will clarify the meaning. And by eliciting the stress by asking yes or no question . T will elicit the form from Students

reading • to practice the grammer in the reading

T will ask the Ss in pairs go and read the readings which are stuck on the wall and answer the questions in their HO(ex.1.a English Unlimitted)

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