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FUTURE TENSE (be going to)
elementary level


In this lesson,students will learn about future tense (be going to) through the context of ONE WORLD.The Ss will talk about the future plan and things people plan to do in the future .At the end of this lesson students will learn how to form and when to use future Tense (be going to). They will be able to talk about plans they have for the future and also, students will learn important English vocabulary through the reading part.


Main Aims

  • Grammar-To provide clarification, review and practice of the tense forms going to in the context of ONE WORLD in order to make plans in the future ..

Subsidiary Aims

  • Speaking-To provide fluency speaking practice in a conversation using future forms in the context of ONE WORLD.
  • Reading-To provide gist and detailed reading practice using a text about NO MORE CONTINENTS in the context of ONE WORLD


Warmer/Lead-in (3-5 minutes) • To set lesson context and engage students

The T will show the picture of the text of (NO MORE CONTINENTS) to elicit CONTINENT and the Ss will be asked to answer the following questions in HO1 which are based on the activity(ex1 pg120). ICQs: do we speak or listen? 1-In which continent is istanbul? 2-How many continents are there?what are they? 3-How do we travel between continents? Then I elicit the answers to the questions.

Teaching vocabulary (5-5 minutes) • To clarify the meaning

In this stage,the T will use ECDW in order to teach vocabulary such as connect,continent,mainland in the text of NO MORE CONTINENTS.The stress mark and CCQs is done for each vocabulary.For example,istanbul is in two continents.which continent? CCQS:Is ıstanbul in America continent? Then,the Ss will be given handout which is based on (ex3a pg120) and they will answer the following questions: 1-three verbs have the same meaning? 2-three words are about geography? (Connect- continent - island - join - link - mainland) The Ss will check answers in pairs,then as a whole class.

Reading (3-5 minutes) • To provide students with gist

The Ss will be given the text of NO MORE CONTINENTS (ex2a pg120) and they have to read the text for gist in order to realize the tense of the text. The instruction is: 2-a Read the text quickly.Is it about ……… 1.the past and the present? 2.the past ,the present and the future? 3.the present and the future? CCQs:

Reading (5-7 minutes) • To provide students with specific information in reading task

The T will give to Ss handout which is based on (ex2b pg120) and they read more slowly the text of NO MORE CONTINENTS again for specific details and they match places 1-6 with the places a-f .Then ,The Ss will match the pairs to the pictures A-F on the map.The T will check answers as a whole class.

Grammar (3-5 minutes) • To understand the meaning of grammar

The Ss will be given handout which is related to (ex4 pg121)and they tick the correct explanation.The Ss will check answers in pairs. -Look at the sentences and tick (✔) the correct explanation. They are going to build the Sunda Strait Bridge. It is going to have a road and railway line on it. We use going to for ……… 1-intentions (things people plan to do in the future) 2-things happening now

Grammar (5-10 minutes) • To familiarize the students with the form of future tense in positive , negative and question form

The T will write they+ are +going to+ build ...... on the board and then the T will explain that the going to future is formed with to be (present simple)+going to+infinitive of the verb. Then,the T will give students handout about the activity (ex5 pg121)to complete the Active grammar box. In this part,future form (be going to) will be shown in positive,negative and question form. I We/ You/ They He /She /It + Am going to +infinitive ……… going to +infinitive ……… going to +infinitive - Am not going to +infinitive Are not going to +infinitive ………… going to +infinitive ? Am I going to +infinitive? ...… We/ You/ They going to +infinitive? …… He /She /It going to +infinitive?

Grammar (5-7 minutes) • Control practice

The Ss will be given handout about the activity(ex6 pg121) to write sentences and questions with be going to . Ford/build/a new electric car Ford is going to build a new electric car. Your company /open /a new office/next year? Is your company going to open a new office next year? 1-Britain/not/build/any more airports 2-the American /build/a tunnel/? 3-they/open/a new bridge/in 2030 4-I/start/a new course/in september 5-my parents /retire/next year 6-We/not/have/a holiday/next summer

Speaking (3-5 minutes) • Students intentions using future time expression

The T will ask students to talk about their future intention using the time expression. For example: 1-what are you going to do tomorrow? 2-what are you going to do next week? 3-where are you going to go this summer?

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