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In this part of the lesson, the focus will be on grammar, present simple vs present continuous. The students will use words related to marriage and practice the use of present simple and present continous.


Abc hand out with gap - fill exercises
Abc pieces of paper (jumbled sentences)
Abc 2 wedding pictures

Main Aims

  • To review and practise the use of the present continuous to talk about things happening now and around now in the context of weddings

Subsidiary Aims

  • to give students semi-controlled speaking practice to develop their spoken accuracy


Lead-in (5-7 minutes) • The students should unjumble the sentence. They will form correct sentences.

The game consists in putting the students into 5 groups. I will give them jumbled sentences from the text "If you ask me" which they have read before. The students should be able to unjumble the sentences. Having checked that the sentences are correct, I will ask one student of each group to write the sentence on the WB.

Focus on meaning/form (10-12 minutes) • The student should identify the present simple and present progressive forms in the unjumbled sentences and explain the use and difference in meaning. They should explain what state verbs are.

The unjumbled sentences on the WB will be used by the students: they will identify the present simple and present progressive forms and explain the use and difference in meaning. I will ask the students about state verbs (the verb "belong" is in one of the unjumbled sentences) and about the form of present progressive.

controlled practise (13-15 minutes) • to check if the students choose the correct verb form: present simple or present progressive

here I will combine PW (the pairs will do ex. 2 ,page 39 together) and then I will ask the WC to check the answers.

semi-controlled speaking practice (12-15 minutes) • new vocabulary (wedding-related), speaking practice, correct use of present simple and present progressive when speaking

I will hand out the 2 wedding pictures to approx. 10 pairs. I will change the instructions given in the teacher book because I do not think the students would be able to spot the differences and explain them to their partner if the partner does not see the picture herself. So I will ask them to work in pairs. Some of the words are not really easy for this level. I will therefore include some activities which make them familiar with words such as "bride" "bridegroom" "pram" "bouquet" "smell", "bridesmaid". Then I will ask them to write down at least 7 of the 12 differences. I will ask them to describe the actions. I will ask them in what tense these actions will be described.

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