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TP 6
Intermediate. level


In this lesson, Ss practise reading for gist and detailed information in the context of "Twists of fate". There is a range of pair work to be completed. There is clarification on vocabulary in the context of injuries. Ss discuss lucky and unlucky situations in their life.


Abc Vocabulary and reading exercises.

Main Aims

  • To provide gist and detailed reading for Ss in the context of "Twists of fate".

Subsidiary Aims

  • To provide clarification of vocabulary related to injuries.


Lead-in (6-7 minutes) • To create interest in the theme; good luck and bad luck.

Greet the class. Show on the board and elicit, 'What do you think luck is?' "Are you lucky or unlucky?'. Show them the lucky and unlucky things that happened to me on the board. Ss speak about three good luck things and three bad luck things that happened to them this year. Put them into pairs/groups and let them discuss their ideas. Monitor the class. Get FB.

Pre-reading 1. (5-7 minutes) • To introduce vocabulary for reading stage.

Show the pictures from vocabulary 1. Elicit answers. Ask CCQ's "What has happened to the man?", "What is it called?", "Describe what you see in the picture". Elicit the vocabulary from the Ss. Give the HO and put Ss in pairs and instruct them to match the injuries with the pictures. Monitor pair work. For FB select Ss for answers and check with class. Drill the vocabulary.

Pre-reading 2. (5-6 minutes) • To engage Ss and prepare them for the reading topic.

Show the photo and the title of the article on the board. Ss discuss this person "the worlds luckiest man". Put Ss in pairs, they discuss and predict why he is lucky. Ask CCQ's, "Is he happy?" "Does he look rich?". For FB select some Ss to say their ideas.

While reading 3. (5-6 minutes) • To practise reading for gist.

Ask Ss to “Read the article and check. Were your ideas the same?” Ss read and check. Ss peer-check. Take W/C FB. For further discussion, ask, "What would you do if you won the lottery?".

While reading 2. (8-9 minutes) • To practise reading for detailed information.

Pair the Ss with different partners. They read the article again and put the events in the correct order. Give clear instructions for example, "Read the article again and put these events in the correct order". Monitor the class and help if needed. Early finishers can write the answers on the board. Get W/C FB.

Post reading activity. (5-6 minutes) • Ss discuss luck and practise speaking.

Ss discuss in pairs/group which they think was the luckiest thing that happened to the man and if they anyone who is particularly unlucky? Ask, "Can we make our own luck?" "Is it genetic?" Take notes down for error correction. Get W/C FB.

Error correction. (3-4 minutes) • To provide Ss with delayed error correction.

Show the misused sentences and words from the previous stage. Elicit answers. Ask Ss "Is this correct?" "What is the correct sentence?". Drill any mispronounced words from the previous stage.

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