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Teaching Practice 7
Elementary level


In this lesson students will do controlled and semi controlled speaking activities about weather.


Abc Error Correction WS
Abc Contient Maps
Abc A Map and Information Worhsheets
Abc PPT on Weather Forecast

Main Aims

  • To practice controlled and semi-controlled practice on the topic (Weather)

Subsidiary Aims

  • To practice the usage of 'it's' while we are talking about weather.


Warm up (5-7 minutes) • In this stage I'll let the students just refresh and practice the new words they have learned.

I'll start the lesson by drawing some pictures and asking students: What's the weather like?' Answers: 'It's sunny, windy,cloudy, rainy, snowy, stormy, (They will most probably struggle with this because in the previous lesson they won't learn it so i'll elicit and than drill it.), cold and hot' And than I'll ask some questions: ' Do you like hot weather? Why? Why not?' 'Do you like cold weather? Why Why not?' 'What is your favourite season? Why? They might not be familiar with seasons so I'll elicit and drill seasons : Spring, summer, autumn, winter. I'll ask students to discuss them with their partners.

The usage of It's while we are talking about 'weather' (3-4 minutes) • In this stage I'll show students why we have to say 'It's ...'

I'll write some examples on the board like; It's sunny. It's cold. and ask students what does 'it' refer to? I'll try to get the answer from the students by erasing it and asking them what can I write instead of 'it's' I'll ask students to discuss with their partners and find a Word instead of it's

An activity on the usage of 'it's' (3-4 minutes) • In this stage students will find mistakes related to the usage of it's

I'll give students a WS. T: 'Now I want you to look at these WS, there are six sentences, some of them are correct but some of them wrong. Look at them and find the wron ones.' When they finish I'll ask them to check with their partners. T: 'Now I want you to correct the wrong sentences.' When they finish they will do peer check again.

Controlled Speaking Practice (8-10 minutes) • In this part students will work together and by asking questions, they will try to fill in a map.

T shows the map of Turkey and asks STS :'What is this?' T writes on the board : İSTANBUL 30 C and draws sun. T asks to the students 'What's the weather like in İstanbul?' and tries to get the answer 'It's sunny. and than T asks 'How many degrees in İstanbul and gets the answer it's 30 C. And T shows the map and prentends as if she is drawing a sun and writeing 30C on the map. T makes pairs of two (may be one group three) and shows that they will have one map but different information so by asking What's the weather like? and How many degrees?' they will try to fill in the map. T in this part makes the students sit face to face and warns the students that they mustn't show their paper to their friends. ICQ: Are you going to show the map? (Yes) Are you going to show the information paper? (No)

Weather forecast act out. (10-12 minutes) • In this stage the students will do semi-controlled speaking practice on weather and they will act out.

T opens the Power Point of America. T: 'What can you see on the board what is it? (Continent is most probably a Word that they might now know so I'll first elicit it and drill it.) Ok this is the Australia continent.' T: ' It's 25C at night and 38C in Alice Springs and it's sunny. In Melbourne it's 13C at night and 22C in the morning and it's partly sunny partly cloudy' T: 'Now I'll give you different continents and I want you to choose five cities, in your groups you'll talk about them, if you want you can note them down.' When the STS are done doing this activity in their groups I'll mingle them with different groups and they will share the information they have with the other group members.' I'll ask two or three students to come up the board and act like a weather forecaster. They might not be familiar with the Word 'weather forecaster' so I'll elicit and drill it.

Extra Activity (4-5 minutes) • In this stage I'll ask Sts to work on a dialogue.

T opens a PPT and asks Sts in pairs try and read the dialogue between Mr. Bean and the shopkeeper. This is a scaffolding activity so each time they practice some of the words or sentences will disappear. But while doing this I'll change the partners.

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