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jobs & present simple third person singular
elementary level


In this lesson , ss learn about the jobs and present simple third person singular through guided discovery. the lesson starts with a warmer. ss will brainstorm about the jobs and match the pics with the jobs. Next ,T pre-teaches vocabulary. Then the sts will practice the pronunciation of /s/, /z/, /ız/ for third person singular and listen about two people and their jobs. after filling in the gaps, ss will do exercises for guıded discovery. To practice present simple memory chain will be used as an activity. Finally , they will listen to a song and find the missing words.


Main Aims

  • grammar, present simple third person singular. ,

Subsidiary Aims

  • To provide specific information listening practice using a text about jobs


lead ın (5-6 minutes) • brainstorm about jobs

T will Show pictures of zoologists to make the ss speak. then gives pictures of jobs in order to match with the words.

Pre-teaching vocabulary (6-7 minutes) • to teach unknown words from the text.

T will use PPT to teach vocabulary and students will drill the words and the sentences.

pronunciation (5-6 minutes) • completing the chart and practise saying the verbs in third person singular form. SS will listen and fill in the chart. then they are going to check their answers.

Ss will be given a chart , listen to the /s/ ,/z/, /ız/ sounds and practise saying verbs. they will fill in the charts individually and check with their partners.

listening for specific information (9-10 minutes) • Ppractise listening for specific information.

ss will liston to the text fill in the gaps in the given chart about two different people and their jobs. then check their answers with their partners and the teacher will give the written text to help them check.

guided discovery (5-6 minutes) • to practise present simple third person singular.

Ss will be given handouts including sample marker sentences taken from the text and then fill in the gaps and write about the rule. They are going to do it in pairs.

memory chain (5-6 minutes) • to practise present simple

T will pick one student to start and ask what do you do in your free time? Then have him finish the sentence. The student next to him must repeat his sentence and add his/her own sentence. Keep going until a student forgets and breaks the chain.

song (3-4 minutes) • listening to a song to practise present simple third person singular.

Students will listen to the song and find the missing verbs.T will display the answers on the board.

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