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Teaching Practice 6
Elementary level


In this lesson, students will see the vocabulary of the weather and how to use them in daily life. also, It will help them to talk about their own holidays and trips. Furthermore, They will study Past Tense "was\were" and they will need to use it for writing. They will do couple of exercises about grammar.


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Main Aims

  • To provide practice of Past simple "was/were" in the context of holiday and trips

Subsidiary Aims

  • To provide product writing practice of a paragraph in the context of Holiday and trips


Lead in (2-6 minutes) • to introduce the topic

1.Teacher shows the Ss a jar full of folded papers. Those papers have some past tense and present tense sentences. 2. Teacher divides Whiteboard by two and tells the students to pick one sentence and identify the tenses and write on the board where it belongs to. 3. After everyone writes their answers on the board , she checks if everything is correct. 4. if not, She asks why and selects one of the students to correct the error.

Exercise 1 (2-10 minutes) • to check the understanding of the tense

1. After lead-in the teacher gives out the hand outs. 2. She says "Let's work in the pairs." and puts all the student in the pairs. 3. She demonstrates the exercise with one of the students in the class. 4. Then she makes sure everyone understand the instructions and give them enoguh time to do all of it. 5. After, All of the students are done with their exercises, T invites them on the board and asks them to write answers. 6. Later, She checks the answers on the board and if something is wrong with any of the questions she asks " Is everything ok here" and according the answers she corrects them and move on.

Exercise 2 (3-10 minutes) • to give a chance students to more practice

1. After the previous exercise, She divides the class by 4 by using colored papers. 2. Afetr everyone settles down, She gives the instructions "Please choose the correct for answer in the first part. " 3. then she hands out the papers. 4. She monitors the class and groups, if there is any help needed, she helps. 5. after some time when They finish everything, She asks them to come up on the board and write the answers.

Exercise 3 (2-10 minutes) • to check their knowledge about past tense

1. She divides the students by using colored papers. 2. When the students grouped well., She gives another hand out and makes them to do it in the groups. 3. After they finished, They come up on the board and they write their answers. 4. Teacher checks the answers and if something is wrong She invites students to correct it.

Writing Task (3-10 minutes) • to practice the usage of Past tense and to give practice in writing skills

1. She puts the helping phrases on the board. 2. She hands out the blank sheets to students and asks them to write about the last holiday. 3.After they write they will hang on the boar. 4.She tells them They can use the words on the board. 5. They will do this activity by themselves. 6.After they did, They will hang them, and had a chance to look each other's writing.

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