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in this lesson students will learn new vocabulary in a shopping context and they will improve their listening skills and it will be a productive speaking skill . the context will be about shopping as the students are familiar to this topic this will help in the activity ,students will check their listening ability to understand what is the topic talking about ?the students will practice in the activity and relate to their real life which will make it more interesting.


Main Aims

  • to provide student with listening practice for the gist (skimming)and details (scanning).

Subsidiary Aims

  • To provide practice speaking and writing to improve respective skills .


Warmer/Lead-in (8-10 minutes) • To set lesson context and engage students

the teacher will start the lesson by showing student a picture of people doing shopping the the teacher will ask students some questions do you like shopping? what's your favourite shopping place?what is the last thing you bought?then students will work in groups the teacher will cut the picture into 4 parts and the teacher will give each group a picture , they will try to describe the picture to the other group. after several minutes the teacher will ask each group the show to their picture to the other group to identify the similarities

pre listening teaching vocabulary (8-10 minutes) • to elicit meaning of new words

the teacher will elicit the new words for the students "cash-receipt -credit card" by showing them pictures and students will work in pairs to discuss the meaning of each word and describe the picture for their partner,teacher can use money as a realia for cash and a shopping receipt then the teacher will ask students CCQs to make sure they get the meaning did you buy something today and pay in cash ?did you make sure that what written in the receipt is what you buy ?do you have a credit card?do you prefer cash or credit card ? then the teacher will play the audio and ask the students to guess what will be the topic ? then the teacher will play the audio for the first time and asking some questions who are they ? what they are doing? what will she buy ?

during listening (10-15 minutes) • listening for details to get the main idea and improve listening skills

teacher write 6 detailed questions on board and play the audio again to let the students motivated to listen and seek for details ,then students will discuss answers in pairs, then the teacher play the audio again and ask students to take notes and stop in specific parts to ask the detailed questions what size T- shirt does the customer ask for?Does the shop have a medium size purple T-shirt?What colour T-shirt does the customer try on? Does the customer buy the red T-shirt? How much does it cost?Does the customer pay by credit card or with cash? then the teacher will give students a handout and they will work in pairs to put the conversation in the correct order between shop assistant and customer .

post listening (8-10 minutes) • to provide students a chance to practice what they have learned .

the teacher will give the students the hand out activity 2 they will sort the three mixed up conversation the teacher will make the first one to help the students to know what they will do then students will work in pairs to put in in the correct order then in pairs they will write their own dialogue between customer and salesperson.the the teacher will give students activity 3 it's a role play between the newsagent shop assistant and the customer the teacher will give students clear instructions and teacher will monitor if they need help then when they have finished students present the role play to the class.

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