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TP 1A - Unit 1B, "Where Are They Now?"
Pre-Intermediate level


In this lesson, students learn to use verb collocations. Students will have practice speaking and listening by asking and answering questions as well as describing a photograph. The theme for today's lesson and activities is friendship.


Abc Listening Audio
Abc Vocabulary Audio

Main Aims

  • To introduce and practice using collocations related to friendship.

Subsidiary Aims

  • To practice speaking and to use scan and intensive listening.


Warmer (7-10 minutes) • Introduce Friendship theme, get students speaking English, introduce collocations

Introduce the theme of friendship with some discussion about friends. Ask the students to contribute their thoughts on friends. Write the term "A true friend..." on the board, and have students volunteer different sentences following the pattern. Write some answers on the board, encourage students to repeat the examples. After examples, introduce the four collocations into the pattern: "True friends... ...have a lot in common" ...get on well" ...see each other often" ...keep in touch"

Vocabulary Exercises 1-2 (9-14 minutes) • Form a paragraph from the fragments using collocations as links / hints

Chest the handout and explain which exercise we will do; distribute handout. Break the students up into groups of 3-5. Instruct students to number the 8 sentences appropriately with the help of their peers so that the paragraph reads correctly. Encourage the students to say the sentences out loud to see if it sounds correct. (5-8 minutes). Play recording 1.2 so that students can check their answers. Have the students correct their answers, then play recording again. (4-6 minutes).

Vocabulary Exercises 3-4 (9-13 minutes) • Practice collocations and speaking by doing a gap fill / QA session

Chest the handout and Instruct the students to fill in the blanks and complete the collocation with the appropriate bold word from above. They may ask their neighbors for help. Check the answers as a group. (3-5 minutes). Have the students pair up and ask each other / answer the 4 questions. (6-8 minutes).

Listening Exercise 1 (8-10 minutes) • Practice speaking / listening by describing a photograph in detail

Show the picture on the projector. Have the students pair up, and have each student pick a person in the photograph and describe it to their partner. Give an example, and encourage them to use as much detail as possible. After, ask for volunteers to describe characters to the WC.

Listening Exercise (6-12 minutes) • Practice scan listening for details

Nominate a student to read each sentence from listing exercise 2 out loud to the class. Have students write their answers (T/F) next to each sentence. ICQ question - are we speaking our answer? No, we are writing it. (3-6 minutes). Play the audio recording and have the students check / correct their answers. Recording may need to be played more than once. (3-6)

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