Behnaz Behnaz

Elementary level


In this reading students learn family vocab and simple present


Abc Reading

Main Aims

  • To develop students` skill of reading for gist and detail in the context of "He still lives with his parents"

Subsidiary Aims

  • To review family vocabulary.
  • To develop students` fluency and accuracy.
  • To enable students understand simple present


Lead in (8 minutes) • To get students familiar with the topic,to encourage them to give opinions and raise confidence.

*Give them statements and ask them if they agree or disagree. *Put them in pairs to check their answers. *Ask them discuss it with the whole class.

Vocabulary (10 minutes) • To enable students to learn family vocabulary

*Put the vocab on the board. *Explain the words by asking Ss questions related to each one.For some of them use pictures. *Give the students hand outs and have them do the exercise. alone. *Have them check their answers with peers. *Get feedback from the whole class. *Delayed correction.put the correct answers on the board.

General understanding (8 minutes) • To enable the students to get the general idea of the context

*Ask the Ss read the text quickly. *Put them in pairs to do exercise one, *Have them to share their opinion with the whole class.

Detailed information (10 minutes) • To develop students` skill to read the text carefully and get detailed information.

*Get the Ss to take a look at exercise 2. *Have them read the text slowly and carefully. *Ask them to do exercise 2 in pairs. *Get feedback by having the Ss give the correct answers. *Put the correct answers on the board.

Speaking (10 minutes) • Practice speaking using the target language

*Give them two questions. *put them in pairs to discuss their opinion. *Have them discuss it with whole class.

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