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Elementary level


Based on a text about famous people Yuri Gagarin and Amelia, students practise reading for specific information and also practise controlled speaking. This is a jigsaw reading activity.


Abc Worksheet, reading passage, visuals for pre-teaching

Main Aims

  • To practise reading for specific information in the context of famous firsts.

Subsidiary Aims

  • To practise controlled speaking


Stage 1 (5 minutes) • To set the context and create an interest

Paste few pictures of famous firsts in the Muslim world on the wall. Tell them we have few visitors to our class today, they are not ordinary people but great ones who are known for doing something that was not done before. Ask students to walk around and check the pictures and have a chat with the others in English and get to know the details about these famous people. Ask question, " Who is this?" " Is he/she a famous person?" " Why is he famous?" , " What did he do?", etc... Introduce Ibn Battuta, Bin Nafis, Tawakol Karman, in the same way... also introduce Yuri Gagarin, Amelia Earhart.....

Stage 2 (15 minutes) • To pre teach the vocabulary

Now bring the pictures of Yuri Gagarin and Amelia Earhart, to the board to get everyone's attention to these famous people. Remove the pictures of all the others. Show the picture of a woman flying a plane - Ask, "what is she doing?" " Is she a driver?", .... what do you say for a person flying a plane?.... introduce the phrase " to fly a plane" Concept check by asking, " Can I fly a plane?" No... I have to be a pilot. Teach all the other words using visuals, flight, fighter jet, airshow, astronaut, satellite, to break a record, disappear.. Remember the ECDW rule. After drilling write the word on the board next to the visual.

Stage 3 (15 minutes) • Reading for specific information

Now demonstrate how to read.... give instruction to continue reading even if they do not understand the meaning of new words, read and answer questions quickly. Now demonstrate the activity they need to do. If the sentence is true about Amelia, then put a "tick" mark and "cross out" he. If it is false about Amelia, then write the correct sentence. Now divide them into two groups. Give 5 to 7 minutes for reading the passage and answering the question. Give the answer key Change the pairs - one from group A and another from group B. Now ask them to compare their answers and talk about it. Go and monitor and allow the students to engage in their activity.

Stage 4 (7 minutes) • To practise controlled speaking

Ex 6 First ask students to fill the answers for the EX 6 and then ask the students to question their pair. Monitor and give help, only if they need. Demonstrate the first question for both the teams as open pairs... then allow them to speak in pairs.

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