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Essay writing, introduction paragraph
Intermediate level


In this lesson SS will learn more about how to write an introduction paragraph for opinion essays. They will move one step forward in comparison to last session and they will be informed how to bring reasons for their thesis statements which are the main ideas of body paragraphs.


Abc Gap-fill hand outs, WB

Main Aims

  • how to finish introduction paragraph by bringing reasons of thesis statements.

Subsidiary Aims

  • To provide process writing practice of a essay


review and quiz (20-23 minutes) • review the structure of an introduction paragraph mainly thesis statement and review some vocabularies of 504

T-S check SS'S questions before quiz T-S give quiz papers to SS and ask them to do it in appropriate time T-S after quiz check the SS's answer T-S ask SS to review the last session's topic which is about introduction paragraph mainly thesis statement T-S ask SS to read their assignments loudly to the class S-S listen to their friend's homework and have correction in case of existence. T-S monitor SS's activity in the class and check them whenever needed.

introduction paragraph, the last part (27-30 minutes) • how to finish an introduction paragraph in an opinion essay

T-S give SS their handouts on which an example of opinion essay are written. T-S ask SS to notice the sentences come immediately after thesis statement; how they are started and how they are finished. T-WB explain to SS how to bring reasons for their thesis statements on the board and write suitable expressions that are used in this part. S-S give SS a topic of an essay ask them to write thesis statement with their reasons in pairs. T-S check SS's answer and correct them where necessary.

Feed back (10-12 minutes) • receiving some feedback about new lesson

T-S ask SS to tell the main parts and structure of ending an introduction paragraph by bringing reason T-S ask SS to ask questions about new lesson and check them together in the class T-S consider homework for SS and ask them to write it for next session.

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