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TP 5
Intermediate level


In this lesson ss are first given some controlled listening on what my partner has taught. Lator it merges with some speaking activity about making a conversation on making "Complaints". Later it'll be followed by some practice on the conversation. Ss will ask and answer the same questions in a GW with asking them to ellaborate.


Main Aims

  • To provide Ss with some input through controlled listeming activity which leads in speaking making complaints on the objects they purchased

Subsidiary Aims

  • Ss will make complaints using the TL they learned from the listening


Listening (8 minutes) • Ss need to learn for specific info

Ss are listening again to tracks 12, 13 & 14 to complete ex1)pa93 I explain that they need to be all ears for the sentence to begin with the words in the 12 excercises. PPT the image on the wb and ask Ss to check PW FB: A volunteer would give the response on the board. Later the correct answer will be PPt

Post-Listening (7 minutes) • Getting ready for roleplay language

ex2.p93 Ss will be asked to define which sentences belong to which category first individually and then check in PW FB as WC "Add 2 more sentences to each" FB. Ss will put their entences on WB ans key. a) b) c)3.5 d)4.7

Pre-Speaking (15 minutes) • Prpare ss with instructions

I hand them a HO to unscramble the vocab to come up with some usefull TL for the task which follows. I will ppt a pic of the 3 products and ask pair to decide what things could go wrong with each. They announce their guesses I'll model 2 sentences on wb and ask which is stronger and model the intonation: I wonder if I possibly could haveā€¦ I've had enough! Ss will model it as open pair

While Speaking (5 minutes) • to check the accuracy

Ss in PW start to form a conversation on the function of "Making Complaints on either of the 3 subjects" FB will be open pair and presentation

pre-teach some vocab (5 minutes) • TTT

I'll put the table on the board and will ask PW to do guess the appropriate prep which goes in each collocation. They'll do ex.1 and check as PW before I give the FB Instead of the FB I'll play track 15 so that they'll find out the answers. They can then fill the same table as WC FB.

free speaking practice (10 minutes) • To strengthen the lexs and free chit-chat

Ss mingle to ask and elaborate as much as possible on either of the questions. If time FB will be done but it can end like this too.

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