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In this class Ss will discuss about different pet owners and learn new vocabulary connected to 'Animals' topic through guided discovery based on reading text about the most eccentric pet lovers' stories. The lesson starts by discussing the list of things that some pet owners do. Then it follows by reading for gist in groups, after which Ss will do a detailed reading to relate each story to answer the questions. The lesson ends with controlled practice to consolidate the key vocabulary


Abc Controlled practice
Abc Animal Crackers
Abc Animal Crackers
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Abc Warmer

Main Aims

  • To practice reading for gist and detail

Subsidiary Aims

  • To introduce students to vocabulary in the context of animals and pet owners


Warmer/ Lead-in (5-6 minutes) • To set lesson topic and involve the students to interaction

T introduces the topic by showing the picture of a pet owner and her dog with the name of the unit 'Companions'. Then T will ask students to work in pairs and discuss questions on exercise 1 and monitors their discussion

Pre-reading task (12-15 minutes) • To introduce students to new vocabulary from the text

T will give Handout 1 and asks them to work in pairs, to guess and match new words (on one set of cards) to their definitions (on another set); then gives each pair answers for them to check their answers. Then T shows these words on WB and presents pronunciation by drilling. Then T gives Handout 2 (names of animals) in wrong order and shows their pictures and ask Ss work together to guess the answers, it follows by showing answers on the WB.

Reading for gist (5-6 minutes) • To develop reading for gist

T divides Ss to 3 groups, each of them will be given different texts about 'Animal crackers' and 3 minutes to match their main character from text to the pictures.

Reading for details (7-8 minutes) • To develop reading for details

T asks one from each three groups to retell their story to the whole class (also to discuss the similarities of them in pairs) and asks to answer as many questions as possible in exercise 4 without reading other group's texts. Then T gives time to check answers by reading the other stories.

Controlled practice (7-8 minutes) • To consolidate the new vocabulary

T shows 8 sentences with empty spaces to fill in the new words and gives out Handout 3 (list of new words) and asks Ss to work together and find out the appropriate words. Then T shows answers on WB, following by CCQs. After that, T shows the same pictures of exotic animals to check if they memorised them too.

Discussion of some funny memes from the Internet (1-2 minutes) • To create rapport

T will simply show 10 memes taken from the Internet resource related to animals with funny caption. The Ss will look and share opinions about jokes

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