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TP #: 1b
A1 ( beginner ) level


In this lesson, students will revise about a previous listening practice by pictures and choosing the correct answer exercise. They will be familiar with the singular form of 'to be' in yes/no questions from the exercise and will be followed up with clarification sentences.


Abc pictures
Abc Gab-fill handout
Abc Audio CD Track CD1 37
Abc Gab-fill handout
Abc Choose correct answers

Main Aims

  • To inrtroduce and practise the singular form of 'to be' in yes/no questions and short answers in the context of personal information

Subsidiary Aims

  • To provide oral controlled practice of the TL


Warmer/Lead-in (3-4 minutes) • To set lesson context and engage students

T will remind Ss about the characters in the pictures. Ss will PW and answer exercise 5a.

highlighting target language (1-2 minutes) • to highlight the target language so that learners are focussed on it

T will check examples number 5-6 from the exercise.

clarifying target language (12-13 minutes) • clarify meaning, pronuncation, and form

T will give examples by demonstrating and use CCQ to try and elicit from the students. T will show on WB where the stress is in the yes/no questions and will do drilling for the sentences. T will show on WB the form of a normal sentence and a question. T will highlight the use of contractions with the positive and negative short answers. T will point out the appropriate way of a short answers and rise awareness.

language practice (16-17 minutes) • provide controlled written practice focused on using the language target

T will do the first example with Ss and then make Ss work in pairs and fill in the gabs. They will listen to the CD and check the answers, each sentence once at a time. They will start with the next exercise ,T will do with them 1-2, then they will continue with their pairs. T will elicit the answers and write them on WB, then change pairs and ask and answer the questions with the correct short answer, T will do one example to demonstrate.

language practice (8-9 minutes) • to provide freer oral/written practice productively

T will show the back of the handout and give instructions not to open the paper ,then give each student a sheet and ask one student to come to the front and demonstrate the instructions of the interview table then set the exercise. once they are done, T will ask CCQs to different students and try to elicit short answers.

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