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Teaching Practice 4
Elementary level


Grammar regarding present simple for he/she/it is the main focus of the class. The lesson will begin with the introduction of TV game show "First Date". It will involve the students both reading and listening to the text. At first they will read to get the general idea about the show, then to hunt for specific information in the text. Then they will do a question-answer exercise followed by an analysis of questions written in the present simple for the third person. Last they will order questions and practice asking and answering questions about a hypothetical contestant.


Abc HO -- Kim's other Questions
Abc HO -- First Date
Abc HO -- Kim's Answers

Main Aims

  • To learn the grammar concerning the third person in present simple tense

Subsidiary Aims

  • Reading -- Skimming for general idea and scanning for specific information in texts.
  • Grammer -- Putting words in the right order for third person questions
  • Speaking -- Asking and answering for the third person.


First Date (7 minutes) • Setting up Context for F2F exs 5 and 6

In this stage, an account of the concept of a "TV game show" and the specific one taked about in the text, will be given. It is important to make sure Ss understand the idea to be able to do the latter reading and listening exercises. 1- Elicit to check the vocab "First Date!" (the name of the show). "What is date?" "Is September 27th" a date?" - Yes "Is there another meaning? What is it?" "What do we do on a date?" "What don't we do on a date?" "What is a first date?" "Is it January 1st?" - NO. "Do the people know each other?" "Have they met each other?" "Are the SINGLE?" USE FREQUENCY VOCAB for answers!!!!! 2- Show the picture for HO -- First Date! Try and elicit an answers. What do you THINK it is? - A TV show! " What do you the show is about?" 3- Clarify the show by asking if there are similar shows. (Saklambaç) and (Benimle Evlenir misin?) 4- Ask who the people are in "First Date!". Mark (the chooser), the presenter and the contestants. What is their role in the show. Make reference to the other shows to make sure the Ss understand. This part may take a bit longer than expected but it is important for the Ss to understand to pass on to the latter Reading and Listening activities and so they can pass smootherly. In addition they wil be tired from the previous 45 min. so they may need exstra motivation. MAKE JOKES. NOT TO TEACHER: Try to make the students talk as much as possible both to engage them and reduce TTT.

Introducing Mark (8 minutes) • Reading and Listening for specific information

This section is more about reading then listening but I will still make the Ss listen to the text in order to give them exposure to L1. 1- Pass out the HO -- First Date! FACED DOWN to each student. When they are to turn the pages over they need to answer the question what the presenter is talking about. Give them 1 minute to do the pre-task. 2- Elicit the answers. 3- Make them turn the pages over again. Then ask them the question about four things Mark likes and four things he doesn't like. 4- Make sure they understand the instructions. "Do we write? NO, we underline." Then do the listening. 5- Make them check with their friends. 6- Get FB in order make sure they are using the language correctly. There should be no need to write anything on the board since it is in front of them.

Kim's Answers (7 minutes) • Reading for matching questions with answers.

This section will act as precursor for the grammar analysis of the next stage. 1- Ask what will happen next in the the show. Emphasize it is not Kim that is answering the questions but the presenter. Underline the word about!!! 2- Pass out HO -- Kim's answers and make them work first as individuals (3 min.) then check with their partners (1 min). 3- In the meantime... Write down the following question examples given in the language analysis. 4- Elicit the answers for the questions

Question (8 minutes) • Teaching the grammar of third person questions

Elicit the parts of the question forms from the students. (see language analysis)

Other questions about Kim (8 minutes) • Writing question phrases in the right order

The following stages will basically include ex 8 a-c. 1- I then emphasize that there are more questions we can write about Kim and will write the first one on the board for a student to solve. 2- I will mix up the groups by choosing one person from each pair and making them switch. During this time I will try and make sure stronger students sit with weaker ones. 3- I will pass out the handout and ask the students to do the questions in pairs. I will then walk around and monitor the class. I will give markers to students who are doing well and ask them to write the answers on the board (5 min). 4- Do FB and see if the answers are correct. Drill to provide insight into the stress in the sentences.

Answer and question (7 minutes) • To practice speaking and answering in the third person (target vocabulary)

This part may be a little tricky there seems to be two important parts to the instructions given. 1- I will demo the task at hand. I will take strong student and do the first question with him. 2- First I need to emphasize that the answers are in ex 6a. Then I need to tell them they need to switch roles once the first three questions are done. 3- Possible checking questions. "Do we switch after the first question is finished". When that is done then they need to continue with the first question. I'm doing this so that if there is not enough time then all then all the students get a chance to both ask questions and answer!

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