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To practice reading and speaking skills
Intermediate, B1 level


In this lesson, Ss practice reading for gist and reading for specific information within the context of Caribbean English. They will work on two controlled reading tasks: Sequencing and deleting activities. Ss will also improve their speaking skill via functional language of weather phrases by telling anecdotes from their own weather experiences. controlled and free practice


Abc HO1: Reading Text "Caribbean English by David Crystal. (Global Intermediate Students Book page:39
Abc HO2: While-reading Tasks. 1. Reading for Gist 2. Reading for specific knowledge

Main Aims

  • To provide gist and detailed reading practice using a text about Caribbean English in the context of everyday expression for weather.

Subsidiary Aims

  • To provide fluency and accuracy by practicing a lexical group related to weather.


Warmer: Pre-Reading context setting (5-8 minutes) • This warmer will activate Ss' schemata about Caribbean English.

T opens PPT, asks Ss to identify who they see in the picture and what's written in the speaking bubble. (Where is this boy?) Then T gives the instructions about the video clip and opens an interview with Bob Marley. When the video is over, T asks Ss some questions about what they understand from the video, like "Are there many words you couldn't understand?" T asks students "Where is he from and what language is he speaking?" and helps them with CCQs like "Where's Jamaica?, Is Jamaica one of the Caribbean Islands?" to reach Caribbean English.

Pre-Reading: Pre-Teach Vocabulary (5 minutes) • To teach some new words that are essential for the understanding of the text.

-T puts the Ss into four groups and gives each group a small paper with a word on it. T opens the next page on her PPT and tells the group to match the words with the sentences. 1- A __colonist___ is one of the people who establish a country that is controlled by another country. 2- When something is ______crucial_____, it’s extremely important. 3- «Yüz vermek» is a Turkish ______idiom_____. 4- If something ____leaks_____, liquid or gas comes out of it through a hole or a crack. - ECDW: T drills the pronunciations of these words. CCQs, Are they noun/adjective/verb etc.?

While-Reading 1: Reading for gist (10 minutes) • To set a gist task which tests global understanding of the text

-T hands out the reading task and lets Ss read silently. T also sets a time limit: 2 mins. -When they finish reading T hands out HO1 for the first reading activity. The Ss will have two minutes to put the main ideas of the text in the correct order. The text contains some nonsensical Caribbean English words that the Ss are told to ignore. - T monitors the Ss. -T let Ss check their answers in pairs before she opens the answer key on PPT. - Then WC check their answer.

While-Reading 2: Reading for detail (10 minutes) • To let Ss focus on individual language items with vocabulary exercise.

-T tells Ss to open the other task on the folded part of the HO2 and gives the instructions. - Ss will be given a longer amount of time (5 mins) to reread the text and to complete the sentences with the correct words in the second reading activity. In this deleting activity Ss cross out the wrong alternative. - Pairs will check each others' answers afterwards, then T opens the answer key on PPT. - WC feedback/check answers. T refers back to the text if there's any consistency.

Post-Reading: Follow-on task- Cultural Personalisation-Communicative Activity (10 minutes) • To get Ss to produce functional language as a meaningful practice with a short presentation called "A guide to the weather in Turkey..." as a speaking activity

T opens a picture of foggy weather on PPT and let Ss guess how Turkish speakers define it in their language by showing its funny English translation in the sentence. T puts students into the same 4 groups. T names the groups as Rain, Snow, Hot Weather and Wind & Storm. T makes a clear instructions for this task and opens the questions and some useful phrases on PPT for groups to use and prepare a short presentation as a guide to the weather in Turkey. Ss can take notes. - T sets a time limit (10 mins) and lets the stronger student from each group to make their presentation.

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