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Elementary level


In this lesson, students will focus on reading and comprehension. Vocabulary is pre taught using the pictures. Clarification of grammar (question words) is followed by controlled exercises. The lesson is ended up with a freer speaking practice.


Abc Circle the correct one
Abc Text about the world trade
Abc Google images - vocabulary
Abc Google images - flags
Abc HO - Quotes
Abc T/F exercise
Abc Google image - Q words
Abc Cut out handouts place in a file

Main Aims

  • Reading and comprehension

Subsidiary Aims

  • Speaking practice
  • Grammar (question words)


Intro (2-3 minutes) • Connect

1. What did you talk about? Elicit countries, cities 2. flag of Turkey --- Ankara is the ..... of Turkey. 3. flags of the US and Japan S-centred time!

Pre teach vocabulary (5-7 minutes) • make it easy to understand the text

1. Show the political parties in Turkey, elicit political (show connected to government) 2. Ask Nur (What do you teach?) or/and show national geographic channel image, elicit geographical (related to geography) 3. İmage of the game character, elicit create (made, build)

Gist reading • comprehension and speaking

1. Instructions: Stick the questions (What is a created capital? What is the name of the city? What country is it in?) and show the text - 2 min! ICQs: How many minutes? 2. Give out the text 3. PW discussion and WCFB & control

Detailed reading (7-10 minutes) • Paying attention to the details

1. Show the text and 4 min 2. Instructions for the T/F task İCQS: Alone or in pairs? 3. Make them stand up. Demo how to run for T/F 4. WCFB as an activity

Grammar (3-5 minutes) • Clarify the meaning and placement of the Q words

1. İnstruction: Show, WB write ?, What are these words? Where do we place them? show pair work ICQ 1st? What are these words? 2nd? Where do we place them? 2. Example - WB : Where are you? Q word+verb+subject CCQs: 1st? 2nd? 3rd? Always?

Practice grammar (3-4 minutes) • Control the meaning comprehension

1. İnstructions: show 2 and 1 circle İCQs Alone or in pair? 2. Exercises out 3. WCFB -- stick the answers on the board for the speaking exercise

Practice grammar in groups (10-13 minutes) • Clarify the meaning and placement of the Q words

1. İnstructions: show the file , write an example on the WB (old you are how?) -- 5 questions! order and write the answer on the back and match the answers 5 answers! ICQs What are we doing firstly? Secondly? How many questions? How many answers? 2. Divide in groups according to the chosen colour, give the files 3. Let groups check each other firstly 4. WCFB

Speaking (10-12 minutes) • Practice Q words in conversations

1. İnstructions: show the texts, pair work, hide and talking and the WB with questions ICQs: Alone or in pairs? Should you show to each other? 2. Give the texts out 3. Monitor for mistakes 4. FB with a few examples

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