Elaine Elaine

Talking about the past
Entry 2 level


Students will read a short text about a bad day and identify regular and irregular verbs. They will then retell the story in pairs and practise asking questions in past simple.


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Main Aims

  • Students will read for detail
  • Introduce forms of regular verbs, and some basic irregular verbs
  • Recognise past simple verbs in a text

Subsidiary Aims

  • Practise pronunciation of regular ed endings


Pre-task activity (1-3 minutes) • To introduce the topic

Show picture of Cristina and ask learners to guess what might have gone wrong.

First reading (8-12 minutes)

Read text individually and answer the questions. Elicit unfamiliar vocabulary and clarify

Recognising past simple verbs (8-12 minutes) • To identify past simple verbs, both regular and irregular forms.

Push text onto whiteboard. Learners underline all past simple regular verbs, and circle the irregular verbs. Answer the two other questions for activity B1.

Pronunciation of ed endings (6-10 minutes)

Play audio and complete tables. Explain rule.

Telling a story with past simple (8-15 minutes)

In pairs - retell Cristina's story from memory. Think of a bad/eventful/strange day and tell their partner. Bring group back together - learners retell their partner's stories

Listening - asking about the past (5-8 minutes)

Pre-task - set the scene by describing how Cristina felt by the end of the day. Play audio and complete tasks: order questions, then match with answers.

Asking about the past (5-10 minutes) • Revise question formation

Learners ask questions about their bad days. Write up questions and clarify any misunderstandings

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