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Listening (+ Lexis) [Homes and Shops] (TP 5)
Elementary level


In this lesson, the Ss are going to practice listening in the context of places to live. Before the listening, I am going to activate their background knowledge of the vocabulary about cities and places to live and introduce the necessary new vocabulary. The lessons starts with an activity about different places we can find in a city. It is then followed by the listening task about three places to live in. After the listening, there is a discussion in order for the Ss to use the vocabulary they have learned throughout the lesson.


Abc Ex. 1 (Sides A and B)
Abc Ex. 3

Main Aims

  • To practice listening for gist and details and to practice sentence stress

Subsidiary Aims

  • To practice speaking in order to use the vocabulary taught earlier in the lesson
  • To provide vocabulary practice in the context of cities and places


Lesson lead-in (2-3 minutes) • To get the Ss interested in the lesson

-- Ask the Ss if they like Istanbul and why.

Vocabulary Task (Test-teach-test) (10-12 minutes) • To activate Ss' previous knowledge of the vocabulary and teach new ones in the context of cities and homes

-- Give out the HO of Ex.1 and ask the Ss to tick the words they know on Side A. Monitor closely to see which words need explaining. -- Ask the Ss to turn the paper over and do the matching exercise individually. -- Then the Ss are going to check their answers with their partners. -- For FB, ask the Ss to put the answers on the board. -- Teach the vocabulary that the Ss need or might have problems with. -- Draw a two-column table on the board with the headings "where you live" and "where you go on holiday" and ask the Ss to write the four important things to them for these places. (Demo with your own preferences.) -- Put the Ss in groups and ask them to talk about what is important to them. Encourage them to share their ideas with the class at the end of the task.

Pre-listening (Lead-in) (5-6 minutes) • To introduce the context of the listening task

-- Elicit the words "city," "town," and "village." Concept-check their differences by providing the Ss with examples of cities, towns, and villages in Turkey. -- Give the Ss the pictures of Auckland, Eyeries, and Keswick and encourage them to guess which one is a city, a town, or a village. -- Elicit what the Ss can see in the photos. (Alternative: Ss can work in pairs or groups to make a list of things they can see in the pictures.)

Pre-listening 2 (Sentence Stress) (5-7 minutes) • To familiarize the Ss with sentence stress

-- On the WB: verb, noun, adjective -- Ask the Ss to give you three to five examples of each. The words should be related to cities and towns. -- Improvise sentences and ask the Ss to repeat after you. Write the sentences on the WB and encourage the Ss to read them with correct sentence stress. (Put the sentence stress on the words with a different color.) -- Show the Sentence Stress HO (Ex. 3). Tell the Ss that the sentences are from the listening they are going to hear. Give out HO and focus the Ss on the sentences. -- Play the recording twice and ask the Ss to repeat if necessary. -- Ask the Ss to work in groups of 4 and list the nouns, adjectives, verbs, and negative verbs from the sentences. Ask them to the board so that each group writes the list for one category.

Listening (for gist) (5-7 minutes) • To get the students to listen for the gist

-- Tell the students that they are going to listen to conversations. -- Focus the Ss on the picture HO and ask them to match Conversations A, B, and C with the pictures. -- Play the recording. Get FB and write it on the board. -- On the board: Which person talks about where he/she lives now? ...where his/her family lives? ...where he/she goes on holiday? -- Check if the Ss already know the answers to create more interest in them to listen again. Don't confirm any of the answers. -- Play the recording again. Ask Ss to check their answers in pairs. Then get FB. If necessary, lets Ss explain their answers briefly.

Listening (for details) (5-7 minutes) • To get the Ss to listen for more details

-- Ask the Ss to work in pairs to tell which sentences from the listening in Sentence Stress HO (Ex. 3) are about Auckland, Keswick, and Eyeries. (There are three sentences for each place.) -- Elicit some answers but don't confirm any of them. -- Play the recording again, and the Ss check their answers. -- Have a WC check to make sure everyone has got the correct answer.

Discussion (5-7 minutes) • To get the students to use the vocabulary they have leaned in a freer activity

-- Ask the Ss which place they would like to visit. Elicit answers. -- Put the Ss in groups according to their preferences and ask them to share their reasons with each other.

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