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Intermediate level


In this lesson I will be presenting reading about differences between men and women's attitudes to relationship in the context of opinion. The lesson ends with a free practice which is related to the context. I hope the learners will enjoy and learn a lot.


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Main Aims

  • To provide deduction reading practice using a text about men and women in the context of opinion

Subsidiary Aims

  • To provide clarification of language used for giving opinions in the context of opinion


warmer (3-5 minutes) • To involve students to talk about picture

I will chest the picture and ask SS "What do you see in the picture?" and I will elicit opinion, attitude and attract, I will write on WB and drill them. I will ask students to match the word on WB to the picture.

Lead in (5-7 minutes) • To set the context and engage students

I will give HOs, will ask SS complete the table with comments (individually). ICQ: Are you going to work in pair? then they will check in pair. Feed back: I will write the answers on WB

Reading to answer the questions (10-12 minutes) • To read the questions and give personal opinion

I will ask WC "If your best friend forgets your birthday, how do you feel? when do you expect him to call you?" by these questions I want to pre teach(fortnight, get upset) I will give them HOs and ask them to answer the questions individually.

Semi -controlled reading practice (15-20 minutes) • To read the text in order to fill the gaps

I will write the words on WB,will spread definitions on my desk, in a group of 3 or 4, will ask them to pick up one definition and return to their group and match with the definition to the words that I have underlined in the text, very quickly come to the board and stick on it. I will have some CCQs. Then I will tell SS to fill the gaps with (men and women) in pairs. FB: write the answers on WB. If I have time I will ask them to discuss in a group (compare Turkey with England)

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