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Famous Bands Poster Project Based Lesson
Elementary, A2 level


In this lesson, students will create their group posters in the related unit's context. (Bands) First, the students will be exposed to the topic "Famous Bands". Later on, they will have a discussion about those bands, have a little sense of those groups via a matching activity then will start their posters. While they do so, each student will have a mission to accomplish. Finally, they will have a gallery walk to give feedback to each other.


Main Aims

  • To let the students have their own production in a controlled way
  • To consolidate the key words from the last lesson

Subsidiary Aims

  • To provide fluency speaking practice in a conversation in the context of "Famous Bands"


Lead In (1-3 minutes) • To set lesson context and engage students to the lesson

- The T greets the students with a familiar song. (Queen-We will rock you) - The T tells the students that in this lesson we will work in the school newspaper and that we had an interview with the school band "Monsoon". - Then the T adds that we will make posters about Monsoon's favorite bands in the newspaper.

Exposure/Meaning Stage (7-10 minutes) • To make the ss think about the context and to gather if there is any background information

- The T hangs the 4 band photos to the board and asks the students if they know any of these bands. - The T then gives the names of these bands and lets the students match them. - As a class they check the answers and discuss about the bands.

Project Stage (15-20 minutes) • To make the students revise the key vocabulary from the last lesson and use them in a meaningful project

- The T divides the classroom into groups and sets the roles of each student. - The T tells the students about the roles and what those roles are supposed to do. - The T tells the students that there is information about the bands on the board and that they need to find which information is about which band. One student from each group should come to the board and find the right information about the band that they need to make their poster about. - After the ss select the information card, as a whole class the feedback session is held. - Then, the students start making their posters.

Feedback Stage (7-10 minutes) • To let the students give comments on each other's work

- The T tells that time's up, takes the posters, sticks them on the wall to the different spots of the class. - The T tells the students that they will give each other comments and demonstrates it. - The T hands out 3 stickers to each student and lets them walk around the class and give each other comments. - When the time is up, the T tells each group to go and read the comments.

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