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Movie Locations
Intermediate level


In this lesson the Ss read 3 short texts about different movie locations and learn the lexis which is related to them


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Main Aims

  • To practice reading for gist and reading for detail using a text about the setting of famous movies and series

Subsidiary Aims

  • To teach the blocking vocabulary related to film settings


Warmer/ Lead-in (3-5 minutes) • To set the context and engage the Ss

T shows a picture of "Gone with the wind" movie and tries to elicit information from the Ss based on their prior knowledge and what they learnt about movies yesterday E.g: What is the name of the movie? What do you know about this movie? What is the genre of the movie? What is the plot?

Pre-Reading (9-10 minutes) • To teach the blocking vocabulary and prepare the Ss for the text

The T puts the Ss into groups and gives them instructions to match the verbs to their correct definitions. each group's printed HO is in a different color. Then the T checks the answers with the WC. The writes the phrasal verbs:"transform into", "inhabited by" and "inspired by" on the WB and shows pictures to the Ss trying to elicit the new vocab which they just matched them with their definitions and puts the pictures on the WB. Then the T shows the stress on the board and drills it with the Ss. Pronunciation is practiced with choral and individual drilling. Also the T emphasizes on the especial preposition used by each phrasal verb Then the T asks CCQs to check the Ss understanding of the words.

While reading 1 (4-7 minutes) • Reading for gist so that the Ss get an overview of the text

The T shows an information writing HO to the Ss and tells them that they have 4 minutes to decide what the title of each text is. The T asks ICQs and then gives them the related HO. In the end there is a short WC feedback.

While reading 2 (9-11 minutes) • Reading for detail in order to provide the Ss with the chance to understand the text in depth

The Ss are told to read the texts and fill in the blanks with the given words. Before they start doing the tasks the T asks ICQs. When they're done with the task they will check their answers with their partners. In the end the T checks the answers with the WC through projecting the picture of the reading on the WB.

Post- reading (10-12 minutes) • Speaking task, To provide an opportunity to personalize the topic of the text and react to the text

The Ss are formed into 3 groups by the T and are asked to rank the film sets they'd like to visit and why they like to visit a especial location. The T monitors the Ss and takes notes of the errors they make. Then the T wants each group to briefly tell the WC what they talked about.In the end the T writes some errors on the board and wants the WC to correct them.

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