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In this lesson sts learn and review giving directions through games, and a reading text. There will be a game at the beginning of the lesson to set the context clearly. There will be then a pre-reading stage based on vocabulary and a reading stage for detail. During the post reading stage sts will review asking for and giving directions. Then sts will practice their speaking for accuracy through a controlled speaking activity.


Abc Paragraph Handout (Adapted)
Abc Flash cards
Abc Flash cards and pictures
Abc Handout 1 - Reading text
Abc Handout 2 - Map 1
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Main Aims

  • Vocabulary. For sts to be able to ask for and give directions through a reading text and games in the context of holidays.

Subsidiary Aims

  • Reading for detail, speaking for accuracy.


Lead in (8 minutes) • Introduce the sts with the topic through a game that improves sts' reading, speaking, listening and writing skills.

*Stick 2 or 3 paragraphs on the board according to the number of the sts at class. Sts play the running dictation game in pairs. The paragraph is about giving directions.

Pre-Reading (10 minutes) • *For sts to use and review some vocabulary as a preparation to the reading part.

*Stick pictures and flash cards on the wall. Sts come to the board and match the terms with the pictures. *Correct if there is any mismatches on the wall. *Write the vocabulary on the WB. Explain if there is any terms that sts don't understand. *Drill the phrases and words.

Reading (10 minutes) • Reading for detail.

*Give sts the maps and the text. They read, draw a line to the holiday home in pairs using the directions in the text. *Monitor the sts and check the lines.

Post-reading (10 minutes) • For the sts to use and review asking for directions and giving directions

*Stick the flash cards that some sentences written on . Sts come to the board and put the sentences in order in two groups. *Check the sentences, correct if needed. *Ask sts to find the places in the map in pairs. *Highlight asking for directions sentences. Drill and write different asking for directions sentences on the WB. *Highlight giving directions sentences. *Tell sts that starting point has changed. Sts find the places in the map according to the directions in pairs.

Practice (10 minutes) • For sts to do controlled speaking activity.

*Give sts the maps. Stick one on the WB. Choose a place in the map. Sts write the directions in one minute and dictate. *Sts work in pairs. One from each group chooses a place and doesn't tell where to her/his partner. S/he dictates the route and the partnet draws the line. *Monitor the sts, check their lines.

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