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Elif CELIK 02 Dec 2013 Grammar - Passive Voice
Intermediate level


In this lesson Ss learn about passive voice through guided discovery activities. If needed, the structure, form and meaning will be explained briefly. The lesson is focused on more grammar on passive voice. However, if time allows writing as well as speaking from productive skills will also take place.


Abc Activities HO

Main Aims

  • to provide practice in passive voice

Subsidiary Aims

  • to provide practice of passive voice in writing and speaking


Lead-In (2-3 minutes) • to raise an interest in the class

In this part, the teacher will examine the knowledge of Ss before going on the activity through a few questions in passive voice. Also, this would enable Ss to get ready for the upcoming activities like a warm-up.

Re-writing the sentences in passive voice (4-7 minutes) • to get Ss to practise passive voice by re-writing in passive

Ss will be asked to look at some of the passive forms in the text and will also be elicited form and meaning ('' verb be + past participle'' ) when its often used- ( in newspaper articles)/ and when the action is more important rather than the 'doer' (then they will be given the first activity where they need to re-write the sentences in passive form. then , the teacher checks answers and review the way passive is formed. Them, Ss are asked to identify the tenses a) Past Simple passive b)Past continuous passive c)present perfect passive d) past perfect passive. Ss come on board and put the right answers in order.

True/False Activity (4-6 minutes) • Ss understanding will have been checked

In this activity, Ss will have been asked to agree or disagree by the following three statements. This would enable the teacher to see Ss comprehension on the passive form. FB will be provided on a piece of paper outside the class and Ss need to find them out.

Re-writing the newspaper extracts in passive voice (6-9 minutes) • to get Ss practice on the passive

for this activity, Ss get to practice more on the passive voice. The teacher demonstrates the first example and then asks Ss to complete the rest and once they are done to peer check. FB will be provided on the board and/or will be handed out to Ss.

Speaking Activity (6-9 minutes) • to get ss to practise speaking in passive voice

Speaking part of the activity, students get to review and practice the forms of passive particularly by asking each other questions. So, Ss work in pairs and pairs could be changed later on within the speedy pupils. if time allows, a quick FB will be provided by eliciting answers from random Ss.

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