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earthquake vocabulary
a2 level


introduce and practice lexis of earthquakes


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Main Aims

  • To provide practice of earthquake vocabulary through a variety of activities

Subsidiary Aims

  • To provide scan reading of a text about earthquakes


introduction (1-2 minutes) • to set the context for lexical field

show pictures on powerpoint and elicit earthquake

introduce vocabulary (5-10 minutes) • to introduce and drill vocabulary ask necessary

show pictures of earthquake events and elicit vocabulary - drill as appropriate.

checking the meaning (8-10 minutes) • to check ss understanding of the vocabulary

ss do the three exercises on the worksheet put words into groups match definitions and gap fill feedback and check answers

running dictation (10-10 minutes) • to prepare ss for the reading task

divide the class into pairs - awesome and brilliant awesome - run and dictate first 3 questions - change and do next three questions check answers

scan reading (10-10 minutes) • to provide scan reading practice in context of earthquakes

ss read text in pairs and find the answers feedback

recap (5-5 minutes) • to recap the meaning of vocabulary

If time allows read out definitions for ss to say answers and check their understanding If more time do as pair work tabu

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