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Elementry level


In this lesson , I will ask students speaking about buying and selling (souvenirs)


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Main Aims

  • To provide fluency and accuracy speaking practice in a souvenirs in the context of buying and selling

Subsidiary Aims

  • To provide clarification, review and practice of language used for giving advise in the context of choose souvenirs from your country


Lead in • To generate interest in the topic of the lesson .

I will give students some of the souvenirs and I will ask them( what do you think ? )(what 's this?).

preparation • To give LS time to speak.

I will ask Ss to speak about these souvenirs and( in which city in your country).

pre teaching( vocab) • To enable LS to get a general understanding of the text.

I will ask students to look at the vocab and I ask students about them. I will pronounce every word.

Task • to give LS time to answer exercise( a)

I will ask them to read the exercise and match the words and phrases in the box with the photos. and I will ask them to check in pairs.then, I will ask them Which country do you think these souvenirs come from?.and I will ask them to check in pairs.

listening for gist • To give LS a reason to listen

I will ask them to listen to six people talking about the souvenirs in the photos. number the souvenirs in the order they are mentioned.I ask them to listen and answer the exercise (work alone).and check in pairs).

task (speaking) • To give LS time to speak.

I will ask them to read about the people on page 143. and write down some souvenirs from your country or from the country where you are now for the people. by using useful language (a giving idea). for example, I think a doll is a good souvenir for Anna. I will ask them to work in small groups and decide the best souvenir for each using useful language a and b. I will ask them ( what your group decided) and (Did you choose the same souvenirs)?by using useful language (c)

Feed back( freer practice) • To provide feedback on context and language.

I will divide students into three groups and I ask them to choose a spokesperson to report back on their decisions. Focus the groups on part c of the useful language. I will let them time to speak without interrupting them.

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