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Listening: The Secret of Success
B1 level


This lesson will be focusing on students' listening skills through the context of success and its secrets. Additionally, it is focusing on speaking as a sub-aim.


Abc p.81, EX. 3-5
Abc Visuals

Main Aims

  • To provide gist and detailed in the context of Secrets of Success

Subsidiary Aims

  • To provide accuracy in the context of Abilities& Disabilities


Lead-in (6-8 minutes) • Introduce the context and stimulate SS attention

1. I will start by introducing myself and greeting the students (Setting up the lead-in Task) 2. I will display two pictures of Mark zuckerburg and Elon Musk and try to elicit some answers , such as: Do you know him? Gap filling: these people are.............(successful) 3. I will ask one student to go forward to the board and read a question in a folded paper Q: What is the secret of success? 4. I will pair the students and ask them to draw mind maps about the secret of success if they aren't many students, However, If there are many, I will circulate hard copies of mind maps. Instructions: Pls stand up, go forward to the board, draw a mind map of success and mention at least 4 secrets. CCQs: Will you write names of successful people? Will write reasons of success? Minimally 4 or 2 secrets? FB: Students will read their answers and I will conduct a group discussion

Reading for gist (5-6 minutes) • Read for gist and answer the follow-up questions correctly

p.81 ex: 3A 1. I will introduce the text: this text is about a writer called Lincoln Gladwell and he wrote a book about success. ICQS: 1.Read the article 2. Answer this Q again " What is the secret of Success? CCQS: Are you going to write your ideas about success? NO (Gladwell's) Are you reading to answer a question? CCQS after reading: what did he mean when he said, " we pay attention to what successful people are like? and not where they come from? Who wrote the new book? are there two factors for success? Do we only care about what successful people wear? their hair color? dress color? Do we care about where they come from? Show two pictures of brad pitt and Enistein 2.presenting pre-listening vocabulary briefly (successful in- practise skill )

Listening for gist (5 minutes) • To answer a question through gist reading

1. Explaining the task to the students You will listen a radio program and you will answer the question: what is the only factor for success? Find the magical number CCQS: Are you going to listen to answer 4 questions? Are you going to guess the answer? Are you listening to find a number of hours?

Listening for specific information (8-10 minutes) • SS to be able to fill in the gaps of a summary of the listening text on p.81 EX.C

The students will listen once more to fill in the gaps. ICQS: Read the exercise C and try to guess the answers Listen to the track and check your answers CCQS: Are you going to match ? Are you going to complete the summary after listening? NO, WHILE LISTENING peer check and then one student will answer and select another peer to answer.

Listening for Details (10 minutes) • To answer the T/F questions in Ex.4A, P.81

Some time will be given to the students to read the questions. Then they will answer the questions while the track is played . ICQS: 1. Read the questions in EX.4A but don't answer them CCQS: Are you going to write T/F? Then listen to the track and answer the questions while listening CCQS: Are you going to listen or answer the questions? FD: Peer checking answer key will be circulated

Freer practice (10 minutes) • To get students to speak for fluency

on p.81 Ex.5 students will stand up and discuss the posted questions on the wall. ICQS: Now pls stand up and move around the class to answer the posted pictures on the wall. CCQS: Are you going to write answers under the questions? WGFB will be conducted

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