Jihane Amayou Jihane Amayou

1st GRADE level


Abc Students coursebook

Main Aims

  • to provide students an awareness of written numbers

Subsidiary Aims

  • Students will be able to write and recognize numbers in a written language


Lead in (5-10 minutes) • To generate interests in the topic of the lesson

Teacher will do the listening part in the coursebook along with putting flashcards on the boards and ask students to find the heard number in a competition activity

Exposure (15-20 minutes) • To highlight the target language so that learners are focussed on it

T will write numbers to 10 on the WB T will invite different students and write the numbers alphabetically - T and Ss will the the S in the board to write the alphabetic number correctly Note: Remember to praise Ss in this part to keep them motivated

Controlled practice 1 (10-15 minutes) • Providing practice of the target language

T will explain and model instructions for ex 1 page 15 , then Ss will do it individually. students will check answers in pairs and write the answers on the WB.

Semi-Controlled practice 2 (20-25 minutes) • Providing practice of the target language

in this stage T will set ex 2 and 3 page 16 seperately. Before each task T will explain the ex and instructions to the Ss, also asking ICQs before starting any task. Ss will do the task alone, check answers in pairs and then write them on the WB

Freer practice (20-25 minutes) • to provide a freer practice on the target language

T will write the alphabetic numbers on the cards and put students in pairs. One of the pair will choose a cards and ask their partner what is the numbers. Ss will be doing this many times to practice the target language. T will monitor and do error correction

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