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Dream Homes, Reading Lesson
Intermediate level


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Main Aims

  • To provide gist and scan

Subsidiary Aims

  • To provide gist and specific information


Warm up (Hand out 1) (4-5 minutes) • To introduce the topic and get students motivated

Give students hand out with following statements (mixed up) on it. Tell students that I will tell them a story about my house in London and that they should work alone to tick off the statements as they hear them. It was brand new and clean. I had 4 lovely flatmates. We had two beautiful cats. It was nice and quiet at night. It was quite close to my university. It was very convenient for the shops. But it was a bit too small and I want a big flat next time. WGFB. Any difficult words?

In Pairs - discuss and describe own neighborhood. (4-5 minutes) • High STT using vocabulary to describe home.

Put students in pairs and tell them to describe to each other their own homes. Is it big? Small? Noisy? With your family? Do you have pets? Lots of nature? (2 mins) WGFB.

Paradise Ridge (Hand out 2 and 3) (5-6 minutes) • Students read for gist

ONLY answer - which section of the magazine does the article come from? (Write options on board or hand out): a) Advice for home buyers b) Alternative lifestyles c) Home improvements Hand out article, read alone (2 mins). Peer check (2 mins). WGFB - elicit Ss answers.

Paradise Ridge (same handout) (Hand out 4) (Answers highlighted on my sheets) (9-10 minutes) • Students read for specific info

Tell students to read again alone, this time read very closely and answer the questions on the new handout. They can put their hand up if they don't understand any of the questions. (5 mins) Peer check (2 min) WGFB

Pre-listening predictions (2-3 minutes) • Activate schemata, prep for listening

Tell students they will listen to 5 residents of Paradise Ridge. Before listening, work in pairs, write down what might be 3 advantages and 3 disadvantages of living there.

Listening (CD tracks 1.14-1.18) (3-4 minutes) • Listen for gist

Gist - ONLY listen to check their ideas. Alone. Peer check. WGFB.

Listen for specific info (Pic/num Hand outs 5 and 6) (CD again) (Answers on my sheets) (5-7 minutes) • Students will listen for more detail

Tell students they will hear the audios again, this time they should listen more closely and match each person (1, 2, 3, 4, 5) to the pictures (a, b, c, d, e). Give them the handouts, pair them up. Peer check. WGFB.

Wrap up (4-5 minutes) • Discussion, consolidate ideas

Ask them "would you like to live at Paradise Ridge? Why? Why not?" Discuss in pairs (2 mins). WGFB. Elicit ideas.

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