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Advertisement Lesson
Intermediate level


In this lesson, Ss will recall and learn the meanings of some adjectives with the help of a text about advertising. They will learn how to gist and look for specific details in the text. They will talk about the advertisement to kids in Turkey.


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Main Aims

  • To improve Ss' reading skills by practicing reading for gist and specific information in the context of advertising

Subsidiary Aims

  • To activate the passive knowledge of Ss on some adjectives and improve their fluency in the context of advertising.


Lead in (3-3 minutes) • To introduce the context to the Ss.

- T asks "Who likes shopping?" "Why?" - T uses PPP. (PPP has 6 different visuals of products) - T asks for 2 brand names for each product. - T uses a visual of a T.V with the logos of some brand in it. - T asks "Guess what are going to read and talk about today?" - Advertising - If Ss cannot guess, Ss play hangman.

Pre-reading (10-10 minutes) • To teach new adjectives and concept check the understanding.

- T sticks the words on WB (PPP with the products on is projected) -T gives HO of the related slides of PPP for the Ss to take notes on. - Ss matches the adjectives with the products - T checks answers - What type of word are they? - adj. CCQ: Reliable: (sinbo vs phillips vacuums are on PPP) -Does this one work for years? Does this one break easily? Does this one work every time? Stylish: (two shoes compared on PPP) - Does it look nice? Would you wear it? Fashionable: (two rings compared on PPP) - Do women wear this ring anymore? How about this one? -Drill -T projects Turkish coffee on PPP. Writes "popular, strong, efficient, cheap, delicious" on WB. - If Ss asks why it is efficient; CCQ - "Does it awaken you? Does the effect last for a long time?" -T writes "popular, expensive, efficient, necessary, useful" on WB. -Ss guess the product.

Pre-reading - Free Practice (5-5 minutes) • To give the Ss an opportunity to comprehend the meanings of the words.

-Ss pair up. -S in each pair writes down 5 adjectives. -The other S in the pair guesses the product. -T monitors and helps pairs. Answers questions.

Pre-reading (5-5 minutes) • To give the Ss an opportunity to talk about the context and get ready for reading

-T sticks pictures of a man, a woman and a kid on WB. -T sticks the products (same visuals with the PPP) on WB. -Ss matches the products to age groups. - T asks; "What other products are advertised to kids?" "Have you seen advertisements for children on T.V?" "What makes the kids like that product?" - cartoon characters, songs (hum the song of Dalin to elicit.) - T says "We will read a text" - T writes "Catch them young" on WB. - Ss guesses who is them and who wants to catch them.

Pre-reading (5-5 minutes) • To introduce the unknown vocabulary in text.

-T teaches the following words Snack: Visual on PPP. CCQ: "Is this a whole meal?" "Is this enough to get full?" "Do you eat these between lunch and dinner?" Voucher: Visual on PPP. -Drill

Reading for main ideas/gists (10-12 minutes) • To improve the ability of Ss on looking for main ideas in a text

-Ss pair up -T shows the HO to the WC. "Do not read the text.": Asks them to discuss Q1, Q2 and Q4. -ICQ: "Are you reading the text?" "Are you going to discuss question 3?" -T gives Ss the HO. (page 46, ex2, Q1, Q2 and page 47 Q4) -Pairs discuss possible answers. -T gets FB. -T says, "Now, you will find the answers in the text." "Do not read the whole text. Do not try to understand each detail." "Just find that piece of information in the text." "Work alone" ICQ "Are you going to read everything in the text?" "Are you just going to look for the answers?" "Pairs or alone?" -T says "You have 4 mins." -Ss check answers with their pairs. -FB

Reading for specific information (3-4 minutes) • To improve the ability of Ss on looking for specific information in a text

-T says; Did you like the text? Is it similar to schools in Turkey? -Ss underline 3 amazing/shocking facts form the text.

Post Reading (3-3 minutes) • To improve the ability of Ss on talking in the context of ads

- Pick a s who does not talk much in class. - Ask what s/he underlined. - Why is it shocking to you? - If there is enough time, pick one ,more.

Post Reading (10-10 minutes) • Speaking for fluency - Freer Practice

-Ss pair up. -Questions on PPP -Ss discuss; "Is it right to advertise to kids?" "Do you think advertising to children in Turkey should be stopped? Why?" "How does these advertisement affect parents?" -Ss change pairs. Discuss

Recap of adjectives (2-3 minutes) • To help Ss learn the adjectives

-Visuals on PPP -T gives HO of the adjectives that were worked on -T points to a visual, Ss use the adjectives in the HO

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