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TP 7
Elementary level


In this lesson the students will develop listening skills of daily questions and lexis of food and drink in the context of conversations between friends. They will review their skills of reception and production of requests and offers with Wh- , either/or type question forms in Simple Present.


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Main Aims

  • To develop specific information and detailed listening practice using texts about telephone messages and restaurant menus in the context of eating out.

Subsidiary Aims

  • To develop lexis in appointment making and review price asking in the context of eating out combined with their production in speaking.


Warmer (6-7 minutes) • Understand lesson context and get engaged to it

Show students names and logos of known restaurants and stick them on w/b. Ask them how they find them. Give them 3 minutes to speak about them in groups of 3 to 4 and then come to the board to choose their favourite and write 1 or 2 good and bad points for each of them.

Semi-controlled speaking and writing activity combined (9-10 minutes) • Get prepared to receive the forms and lexis of the lesson (TL)

Separate every group to pairs. Choose two students. RESTAURANT PART [Why did you choose that restaurant? What do you usualy eat there? Do you want to go together?] APPOINTMENT PART [Where do you live? Where is this restaurant? How are you going to meet each other and go to that restaurant? Let's make a plan.] Model with two students. Let them act it.Show them the HO and explain, Ask Ss to write a plan to go to that restaurant on the HO.

Pre teach vocabulary (5-6 minutes) • Get prepared to the listening for specific information

Show the pictures of Emma and his friend. Stick on the w/b. [We listen to a phone call, but it does not answer. What comes here?]Elicit answering machine or answerphone (make compound noun elicitation). The message is called... answerphone message. Show the HO to Ss. and tell they are going to listen to a telephone dialogue/conversation. Give it to them. Read it together with the one on the w/b and clarify with the students any word on the HO.

Listening for specific information (5-6 minutes) • Focus on lexis by listening skill

Make the listening. Make peer check. Have Ss correct on the PPT on the w/b.

Listening for detailed information (7-8 minutes) • Develop listening skills of lexis and forms to be used

Show Ss the pictures of Emma and Jack back again. [Now they meet each other. How?] Elicit: Emma listens to the answerphone message and calls Jack back. So they talk on the phone. About what? Eating out. Show Ss the 2nd HO for listening and let them read it. Make the listening and peer and w/b check.

Freer speaking and lexis practice (8-9 minutes) • Produce the lesson's lexis in a freer activity

Give Ss the Menus and let them play 'restaurant'. They will choose dishes in the menu and order it and pay it to the waiter. They will pay it. Then swab the roles.

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