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TPb 8
Beginner level


Abc Tip to Toe Handout
Abc Board-Match Pictures
Abc Crossword
Abc Color Papers
Abc Lead-in Pictures

Main Aims

  • To provide practice in clothing and color vocabulary.

Subsidiary Aims

  • Speaking: To provide speaking practice using 'would like'


Lead-In (7-8 minutes) • To activate background schemata

-T pairs the students. -T chests the handout. Explains they have to write things they can buy from the stores. -Hand the papers. 3 mins. -Ss put them on the wall and check. -S find common things.

Board-match (8-10 minutes) • To test students' current knowledge on the vocabulary

-Chest the pictures and cutouts. -Put the class in two groups. -Ss put the pictures on the board and match them. -They cehck other group's answers.

Clarification(Teach) (5-7 minutes) • To clarify MFP

-Teacher drills the words and asks CCQs e.g. Do you wear it in winter?, Can you wear it to a wedding?...

Controlled Practice (10-12 minutes) • To provide controlled language practice

-T presents the crossword. -T divides the class into two groups. -Each group do the crossword on their board. (First to finish wins.) -Groups check each others' crosswords. Error correction (peer feedback if necessary)

Free Practice (10-15 minutes) • To provide freer oral language practice

-T puts the pictures on the board. -Explain: One student is the salesperson and the others are customer. Customer says 'I'd like to buy ......' and the salesperson gives it. One color page and one clothing page. - The customer becomes the salesperson and repeated until every student is both customer and salesperson.

Free Practice (7-10 minutes) • To provide less controlled practice in speaking using the vocabulary

-T chests the paper and writes the keywords on the board. -T hands out the paper. And the students talk about the people in the pictures. -Ss discuss in pairs and groups.

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