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Teaching Practice #3
Pre-Intermediate level


In this lesson students explore the usage of maps and giving directions. Through a series of activities, mostly listening, but also map reading, and true/false questions to test comprehension. They will also make use of quantifying prepositions to help when giving directions. It will be important for them to listen to cues in the audio that non-native speakers may miss or not understand instinctively.


Abc Whiteboard and pens
Abc Handout #1 MAP
Abc Handout #2 Questions T/F
Abc Handout #3 MAPS of Istanbul
Abc Handout #4 Listening Part 1

Main Aims

  • Students will be able to look at a map and describe locations & landmarks using prepositions describing proximity. By the end of the lesson they will be familiar with these prepositions, and how to give directions and/or receive directions. They will also be able to follow directions.
  • To practice listening to people giving directions.

Subsidiary Aims

  • Students will be able to use and understand the correct usage of the prepositions: not far from, next to, opposite, between, & near in relation to landmarks and locations on a physical map. They will be aware that this describes proximity.
  • To introduce and practice using vocabulary related to city facilities.


Lead-In Activity (3-5 minutes) • Learn Student Names and use Prepositions

(Write on the white board the prepositions, so students can refer to them during the lesson.) Either before or after. Ask students to take out name tags, provide paper for those who do not have it from last week. Begin to use the prepositions: "opposite, near, next to, between, not far from" in relation to the students names. Then elicit students to make similar sentences.

Activity Lead-In w/HO #1 (3-5 minutes) • To introduce and practice using vocabulary related to city facilities.

Hand out HO #1 to students with Map of Newcastle. Ask them to examine the map 10-15 seconds as you hand out the sheets. Ask students what city they think it is? Could it be Turkey? How do they know? What is similar to Turkey in this map? Cultural note: explain that this is Newcastle, a town north east in England. Known for industry in the 19th century and has a football team that wears distinctive black and white shirts, amongst other things.

Activity w/HO #2 T/F Questions (5-10 minutes) • To introduce and practice using vocabulary related to city facilities.

Give instructions FIRST: I will hand out this sheet with questions. I want you to answer these T/F questions on your own silently. Please feel free to refer to your map. Note to self: #3 and #4 are FALSE, rest are TRUE. Go over answers as an entire class. i.e.- "Class, #1, True or false?, #3 True or false? How do you know?, etc. REAL not spend too much time.

Activity Vocabulary w/HO #3 (5-8 minutes) • To introduce and practice using vocabulary related to city facilities.

Split students into pairs or groups. Have them change seats accordingly. Write prepositions on the board if they are not there already. Ask: "Do we have these places in Istanbul? Where?" GIVE INSTRUCTIONS FIRST: "Class I will hand out these maps to you and I want you to look at them briefly before we begin. With your partner(s) I want you to try to recognize where in Istanbul this is. Please take turns listening to your partners when they ask you the questions, then circle the landmarks they are describing. Pass out HO #3 to students. Students take turns asking each other questions, half will have 1, 3,5 answers and the rest will have 2, 4 answers. Check answers together. 1. Which metro is not far from ITI? 4. LEVENT 2 What stadium is next to Dolmabace? BJK STADIUM 3. Which church/cathedral is opposite the Galata Tower? ST. PIERRE 4. Which castle is between the Fatih Sultan Ahmet Bridge and the Boğaziçi Bridge? RUMELI HISARI 5. What else is near by Rumeli Hisari? Boğaziçi University (EXTRA QUESTION, if time)

Activity Listening w/HO #4 (10-15 minutes) • To practice listening to people giving directions

Hand out picture of people at train station, elicit student responses: Where are they? Are the three women related to each other? Why are they in the station? Do you think the the two men know the women? Why are the men wearing the same scarf? What do you think is happening here? Give instructions to students: "Please listen carefully to this conversation then please circle the words that are correct. You may work in pairs if you need to, but try to do this alone first. LISTEN to audio 1st time. They do questions. Repeat if necessary. Quickly review questions. Students may be divided on #4. Have them listen again and again. Ask them to listen for directions and look to their maps.

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