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Health Idioms
Upper Intermediate Level level


The students will learn idioms related to health with various exercises. They will be given the opportunity to use the idioms learned in a quiz, and discussing about the results of the quiz.


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Abc Story in strips
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Main Aims

  • To introduce and give practice in idioms related to health

Subsidiary Aims

  • To practice reading to deduce meaning from context. To give practice in spoken fluency.


lead-in (3-5 minutes) • To get to know the students and and get their focus on todays subject

I will ask how they feel today, and if any one has flue or aches. Then I will ask them in pairs, if they diagnose themselves over the internet or medical books. We will have a WC discuss about looking up symptoms elsewhere rather then going to a doctor. I will ask what they can recall of yesterday's class related to health.

New vocabulary and idioms by Flash cards (12-17 minutes) • To make students match the health vocabulary and the idiom related

Seperate the class into groups of 2 or 3 ask Ss to arrange the cards in a circle, and starting with the one they like, they will in turns throw the dice, count onwards with the cards, and will have to explain to their friends, the idiom or the word. Then they turn it over to see the matching meaning. I will give them time to go over all the cards then collect them all, I will then call out the idiom or the word and ask the Ss to give me the answer.

Making up a short story in correct order by strips cut from the story (8-10 minutes) • Being able to use words and idioms by story in strips

I will explain to the class two idioms that are not with the cards and with the same groups, I will ask them to put the story cut in strips in order to make short story. They will check with their friends the correct order and they will check with WC. Then I will hand each group cut up, phrases which they can replace with the words in italics.

Quiz (6-8 minutes) • Being able to use words/idioms learned

I tell Ss it is quiz time, to check if they are hypochondriacs or not I hand out a quiz each, they complete it and compare it with friends. FB on answers, on why they gave those answers.

Wrapping up (3-5 minutes) • Let the students use the new words/idioms learned

Students discuss in small groups, what type of people usually mark a, b, or c. They explain why, then with their own answers we choose who is hypochondriac in our the class.

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