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teaching practice 5
Pre-intermediate level


In this lesson ss will be given listening practice analyzing a text about a radio programme discussing a new game show with contestants from all over Europe. Ss will listen for details and answer questions and be introduced to new vocabulary.


Abc HO
Abc HO
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Main Aims

  • To help ss practice listening to a long radio programme for gist and specific details and develop listening ability.

Subsidiary Aims

  • To introduce new vocabulary to ss concentrating on the main words of the radio programme to understand the main ideas of the listening exercise


lead in/engage ss (5-7 minutes) • draw ss attention to the topic and arouse interest

To set the context the T will show pictures of local game shows and elicit a few ideas, then ask ss directly about other game shows they may know played anywhere in the world. ask what happens on a game show? what prizes people win on game shows? How many game shows are aired on Turkish tv? T will talk about game shows played in the UK ( who wants to be a millionaire) and ask ss if they are familiar with this game show. Ask what the best prize they have seen someone winning on a game show? elicit ideas and write them on the WB.

Discussion (5-8 minutes) • Prepare ss for TL

Instruct ss to work in pairs and write 3-4 sentences about game shows. Sentences such as the following: Which game show do you enjoy watching? What's the best prize you have seen someone winning? Would you like to go on a game show? which one? What prize would you like to win? ICQ: What are we writing about? TV programmes or game shows? Once ss have finished questions very quickly have a WC discussion

Controlled listening (7-10 minutes) • Gist listening

Give ss HO and tell them they will listen to a radio programme ex 1. And they have to look at the words which will all appear in the listening exercise in the box and decide what the programme is about. Ask students to look at the words in the box very quickly Elicit their predictions on the WB what they think the radio programme will be about but do not confirm. ICQ: What are we going to listen to? news programme? radio programme. Be prepared to play the CD twice and if ss are sure let them check their answers in pairs. Peer check their answers Elicit what they have said and write on the WB then confirm with ss that its about a TV game show (Star quest) with contestants from all over Europe, in which they will win a prize as a seat in a space ship to a international space station. They give details on how to apply but tell us why NASA is not happy about this. CCQ: What is the name of the TV show Euro bit has announced?

Gist listening (8-10 minutes) • Listening practice for gist.

Looking back at the vocabulary list in the box of on the HO check with ss how they all fit in with the recording. Ask ss if they want to listen to the CD again and play the recording. Elicit from ss all six words and how they fit in the context and write on the WB Confirm with ss and then write on the WB - contestants in a new TV game show (which will be filmed in a famous science museum) can win the chance to blast off in a rocket and become a space tourist. Check all information provided and then use CCQs to confirm all ss understand. 1. Where are contestants from? 2. What is the winning prize? 3. What type of museum will it be filmed in?

Controlled listening (7-8 minutes) • Listening for specific information

Make ss look at the 8 questions on the HO ex3. and read very quickly Tell ss they will listen to the recording again and then they must answer all questions Peer check answers Elicit answers on the WB and provide answer key 1. two 2. $20 million 3. Eurobit - a Eurovision television consortium 4. The European union 5.European science museum (London, Florence, Paris and Amsterdam) 6. an eight day trip in to space 7. maybe! the prize includes a promised trip to the international space station, but NASA is against the idea and may refuse permission 8. NASA

Discussion (3-4 minutes) • speaking practice

Ask ss the following questions: 1. Would you apply for this competition? (as a space tourist) 2. Does any one in the class think they will ever go to the moon? 3. When will it be possible to buy a ticket to the moon?

Mini grammar focus (4-5 minutes) • Look at compound nouns with numbers

Give ss the typescript 2.10 page 141 and tell them to find the mentioned phrases on the HO. Elicit answers write on the WB $20 - million dollar cheque, thirteen part-show, eight-day trip. Elicit the rule for compound nouns. Explain rule - we don't use plural s in the first part of the compound.

Learning vocabulary (4-5 minutes) • Learn compound nouns

In pairs tell ss to match the words from the two columns A and B then put the matched word in the right column,but elicit an example from ss first. Elicit answer key and provide answer key 1. two-week course 2. 20-euro note 3. five-star hotel 4. ten-minute break 5. eight-hour day 6. million-dollar house

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