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Reading and speaking based activity
elementary level


In this lesson SS will learn and practice the vocabulary about clothes and plural nouns through guided discovery based written text. The lesson starts by asking the SS to make a list of clothes people are wearing in the room to test their knowledge of vocabulary based on clothes. Depending on their need I will pre-teach the remaining vocabulary. This is followed by jigsaw reading where the groups of SS will read the text given to them and fill in the chart with necessary information. Finally SS will be given similar chart with names of all SS and questions where they will interview each other in set time.


Abc slips of clothes items
Abc Written text
Abc Table number 1
Abc Table number 2

Main Aims

  • To develop students ability to read for gist and for detail in the context of clothing and fashion

Subsidiary Aims

  • SS will develop lexis related to clothes and fashion. SS will be able to understand, differentiate and use clothes items.


Stage 1 (Lead in) (5-7 minutes) • Introduce context, pre-teach vocabulary if necessary

- In order to check the existing knowledge of the SS regarding the TL, - T will ask the SS to make a list of clothes people are wearing in the room. ICQ - "will you only write your clothes?" (no) - "will you write male clothes only?" (no) - "Will you write female clothes only? (no) - "will you write all the clothes you see? (yes) - After the SS complete the list - T will stick on the board slips of all clothes items that is mentioned in the text - T will draw the attention of the SS on the board and elicit the items they have on their list - The items SS mention T will remove them off the board and if there are any unsaid items - T will then pre-teach those items as its clear now that its only those items that the SS don't know and cant remember. - in such case depending on whatever the items are T will convey the meaning of the items either by: - CCQ's - pointing it on the person if anyone is wearing it - drawing it on the board - use something that may be opposite or similar to it - using gestures and to confirm understanding T will do few more CCQ's at the end.

Stage 2 (presentation - Jigsaw activity) (15-22 minutes) • SS will read for gist and for detail

- T will give out the tables to the SS where they will fill in with the information they take from the text they'll have. - T will say "there are names of 3 people here and questions above which you need to find and fill in the answers, where do you think we can find the answers from?" - T will introduce the texts by projecting them on the board - T will give the instructions, " you will find the answers in these texts" - T will pair the SS as: A's B's and C's - T will give text 1 to A's, text 2 to B's and text 3 to C's - T will then ask the SS to read alone and find the answers ICQ "will you read your text?" (yes) "will you get the answers form the text?" "will you write the answers on the table or talk about it in your pairs? (write the answers) " will you read alone?" (yes) - T will ask the pairs to check to theirs answers - Then T will mix the groups as ABC and ABC - T will ask the SS to share the the information they gained - T will put the SS back into their old groups and ask them to check if they all got the same answers as so: "can I please have A's here, can I have B's here and can I have C's here. Now in your group check if you got the same answers for the other people on the table" - T will ask the SS to report to the class e.g: "Libby is from England, she..." -T will ask for each do you agree or disagree - T will project the pictures of 3 people and ask the SS match the description they have with the shown pictures.

Stage 3 (follow up activity) (15-16 minutes) • To provide controlled speaking activity applying the vocabulary and the structure learnt in the previous stage and to develop the productive skills

- T will introduce a interviewer - T will write interview on the board elicit the pronunciation, T will ask have you been interviewed before? (most probably yes) by who? (interviewer) - T will say: "you are all interviewers now! :) Who will you interview? (various answers) you will interview each other!" - T will give out the table that'll be used to interview each other - T will introduce the table, " here are your names and here are the questions, find each other and interview, make notes on the table" ICQ "will you ask any questions or questions on the table?" (questions on the table) "will you interview?" (yes) "will you make note of your answers?" (yes) "will you be professional interviewers?" (yes! :) - T will set time (10 min) - T will ask the SS to report to WC after completing - T will ask SS in turns to report what they know about........... or say "Tell us 2 things about this person"

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