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in this lesson the students will be tackling home vocabulary needed for describing their homes and talking about their house while conversing with other people.In the end of the session they should be able to use phrases such as There are....... and There is when describing the rooms and and the furniture in the ho0use


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Main Aims

  • To provide clarification and practice of Home furniture in the context of describing home

Subsidiary Aims

  • To provide fluency speaking practice in a conversatıon in the context of talking about your house


Lead in (2-4 minutes) • activate the students interest in the context of listening and engage students prior knowledge

teacher will talk about a friends house....... a big house with many rooms T will project the house plan on wb ss will guess the names of the rooms and things we find in those rooms for example kitchen- cupboard t writes the rooms and names the students mention at the corner of the wb

prediction task (4-7 minutes) • to activate student knowledge of the vocabulary

t projects on the wb pictures of the furniture you find in the house ss guess the names and if they cant find the word the teacher gives it to them T then provides a matching task t explains to the ss that they will match the pictures with the names of the object ss work in grpups of 3 t will ask from each group one ss to match some of the pictures with the names on the wb for feedback

Clarıfyıng the target language (5-10 minutes) • To clarify the meaning ,pronounciation and form of the noun

t will clarıfy the meanıng by using sthe ynonyms eg another name for sofa? tt will elicit using from the students the names of all the furnitures found in the house by giving a simplified definition then students will come up with names Use icqs to check if the students understoood the names eg do we use the fridge to make the food and drinks hot? the students should be able to differentiate between cooker and frdge.. t pronounces the names correctly for the students to get a clue on the pronciation ready for the next task

listening for gist (5-6 minutes) • Give ss a general idea of how we pronounce words with a group of consonants

t will play an audio ss listen Tpronounce the words, ss repeat T should pay close attention to how the students pronounce the words wıth group of consonsantas T projects the words on the Wb

lıstenıng for detaıls (5-8 minutes) • to practıce listening

t will play an audio in pairs the ss will write the words if the students want to listen to the words again the t will replay the audio t will monitor and check on the ss ss from each pair will write the answer on the wb wc feedback

Speaking task (5-7 minutes) • give the students a chance to use their own language to describe their homes

T will pre teach ss how to model the sentences when describing their homes eg ın my bedrooom there is ....... there are _________ in my living room Ss draw thir house plans T will ask the ss to show their friends around the house SS mingle and change partners

Feedback ( taskİn time actıvıty) (2-5 minutes) • to make sure students understood

t wıll divide the class into 2 one group wıll be assigned the name bedroom and the other the living room T will give flashcard with names of furnitures for the the two rooms Tt will ask the students to decorate their assigned rooms with the appropriate furniture

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