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Pre-Intermediate, Prep C, B1 level


In this lesson, students will work in groups to share their background knowledge about languages and the reasons why languages disappear. They will discuss in groups and note down their opinions. Then they will read each others' opinions. After that they will discuss the answers to some multiple choice questions which are related with the text we are going to read. They will work in groups again to discuss the definitions of all the terms relates to languages and they will prepare fill in the blanks sentences for the other groups to find the correct term. They will read the text in detail and find the answers to the multiple choice questions which were discussed before and also they will fill in a chart with specific information from the text. After that they will be asked to write down what they think should be done to protect their own language.


Abc Languages Task sheet
Abc Choices Course Book Pages 8-9

Main Aims

  • To provide the gist of a text, to read for specific information

Subsidiary Aims

  • To understand the meaning of a word from context, to improve speaking and listening skills while working in groups


Warm up/Introduction (3-5 minutes) • Students are introduced to the topic

Students look at the map of world languages on pages 8-9. (The page will be reflected on the board. Students won't look at the text) They will discuss what the map shows, which continents have the least number of endangered languages.

Activate knowledge (4-5 minutes) • To share "What I Know" "What I Think I Know" notes

Form 4 groups with 5 students in each group. Hand out the task sheet. Students work with their friends to complete the table. Put the notes on the walls, students read each others' notes walking around.

Multiple Choice questions/ Guessing (4-5 minutes) • To enable students to talk about their opinions

Put the Multiple Choice questions up on the walls. They walk around and discuss the possible answers giving reasons.

Guessing the meaning from context (6-8 minutes) • To define new vocabulary with a student-based activity

Students look at the text. Give one paragraph to each group. They underline all the different terms for languages. They discuss the meanings and prepare 2 fill in the blanks sentences. Give each paper to a different group to find the correct terms.

Check understanding (8-10 minutes) • Reading for specific information

Read the passage again and answer the Multiple Questions Complete the chart with the specific information from the text

Reflection (6-7 minutes) • To transfer knowledge and vocabulary

Students write a short paragraph explaining what they think should be done to save their native language.

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