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TP #7 Reading (San Francisco)
Elementary level


In this lesson, the context will be set with a short travel video about San Francisco. After preteaching some vocabulary and using this vocabulary to have the students make a prediction about a dialogue they will hear about visiting San Francisco, the Ss will perform a gist listening followed by a listening for details. Next, T will model a dialogue between two characters discussing one's vacation using vocabulary taught in the previous lesson. Ss will then write their own sentences about a vacation they have taken (real or made up), and finally practice speaking about the vacation they wrote about in their sentences.


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Main Aims

  • To provide gist and detailed listening practice using a dialogue about a trip San Francisco in the context of holidays

Subsidiary Aims

  • To provide fluency speaking practice in a conversation in the context of activities while on a holiday in the past


Lead-In (5 minutes) • Introduce Ss to the context of vacationing in San Francisco as well as give them visuals to relate to their listening activity.

-Give basic task of trying to remember as many famous places as they can from the video while they are watching it. -Play video -Elicit the names or descriptions of a few of these places

Pre-Listening (6 minutes) • To introduce Ss to necessary vocabulary for the following listening exercises

-T will show Ss visuals of the different vocab words and try elicit the names of the items in the pictures from various scenes around San Francisco. *What is this? *Did they show this in the video? -After going through all the slides, T will show slide with smaller versions of each picture and the vocab word that we are trying to elicit above them.

Prediction and Listening for Gist (7 minutes) • To get the Ss to make predictions about the recording as well as perform a listening for gist task

-Keep the slide with pictures of all of the vocab words on the board *We are going to listen to a conversation about two friends talking about their holiday to San Francisco. They will talk about each of these items. -Divide them into pairs *With your partner, talk about which of these places you think they will talk about first. Try to guess the order you will hear each of these words. Write down your guess -Play Recording *With your partner, check your answers to see if you were correct. -After they have checked *Ok, look at the board. This is the correct order that they talk about them in.

Listening for Detailed Information (12 minutes) • To give Ss the chance to practice listening for details

-Show Ss the handout on the powerpoint first. Explain the directions *Look at the board. These are the names of three places in San Francisco that the dialogue talks about. *Look at these words. The dialogue will use these words when talking about one of these places. *You will listen for each of these quotes and match them with the place that they are talking about. *For example, look at the board here. In the dialogue, the speaker says you can take long walks in the Golden Gate Park. What will we write for #1? -Give out handout -Play recording 2nd time. -Pair off students *Compare your answers with your partners *Ok let's listen again to check our answers -Play recording again *Check your answers again with your partners -Show answers on the projector *Look at the board and check your answers

Pre-Speaking (7 minutes) • To review the past simple tense and holiday-related vocab as well as modelling an example dialogue

-Model the sentence 'Go to the beach' then I went to the beach *Everyone repeat after me. The beach. to the beach. go to the beach. I go to the beach. *How can I say this in the past tense? - Good, repeat please, I went to the beach. Great *Ok, look at this dialogue between Jack and Jill. *Repeat please. holiday. about your holiday. Tell me about your holiday. Hey Jill! Tell me about your holiday. Very good. *California. went to California. I went to California. Very good. *car. rented a car. I rented a car. Great -Instruct them to write their own sentences *Ok, now you will write about a holiday you went on. You will write at least 6 sentences. *What do you think the first sentence will be? *Good. For example, if you choose Cappadocia, you will say 'I went to Cappadocia' *Then, you will write at least 5 sentences about some activities you did like go to the beach or rented a car. You can choose any of these activities or you can choose your own. *I want you to write at least 5 activities even if some of them are not true. *ICQs- How many sentences are we writing? Are we working alone or in pairs

Speaking Semi-Controlled Practice (8 minutes) • To give Ss the chance to practice speaking about the holiday that they wrote about

*Ok, take another look at this dialogue. Repeat after me please Tell me about your holiday It was great! I went to Cappadocia What did you do there? Great -Count off Ss and group them into new pairs *Great. Now you are going to practice talking about the holidays you wrote about. I want you to use the sentences that are in the dialogue. For example. Elvira, tell me about your holiday. *What did you do there? Great. Then, after one person has talked about their holiday, you will switch roles and talk about the other person's holiday *Ok, talk to each other. Only in English please! -GIVE DELAYED FEEDBACK

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