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Vocab. & Speaking - Describing food
Upper Intermediate level


Ss will review/learn vocabulary used to describe the taste and texture of food. They will do controlled, semi-controlled and freer activities to practice using these words. This will link back to the initial reading lesson which studied a text about a childhood memory involving food (namely oysters). The speaking portion of the lesson will relate back to the previous grammar lesson in that the Ss will be using their new vocabulary and revisited/clarified grammar to tell each other about foods they regularly ate in their childhoods.


Main Aims

  • To provide clarification of words describing taste and texture in the context of food eaten in childhood

Subsidiary Aims

  • To provide accuracy and fluency speaking practice in a dialogue in the context of food, utilizing would, used to, and past simple


Lead-in (3-5 minutes) • To set the context of the lesson as well and generate interest

The T will display a picture of French Toast with a brief description using the projector. "In groups of 3, discuss what you know about this dish and whether or not you would be interested in eating it. Take 1 minute." Feedback: WC "Who has tasted this? Who would be interested in tasting this based on the description?"

Building Context - Making it relevant to the Ss (4-6 minutes) • To use narrow the context using visuals to get most of the Ss (focusing on the Turkish Ss) to begin thinking about traditional/childhood dishes

The T will hand out to pairs of Ss a HO with images of traditional food dishes (one from Iran & three from Turkey). The T will also project the images once the discussion begins to ensure the Ss know what the pictures are of (by seeing the images in color). "Discuss the answers to the provided questions in pairs about these dishes. Take 3 minutes. Are you talking in groups? [No, pairs] How long? [3 minutes]" Feedback: WC "What are these dishes? [Ghorme Sabzi, Asure, Sutlac, Karniyarik] Is there anyone who doesn't know any of these dishes? How old were you the 1st time you tried them?"

Presentation of Vocab (5-7 minutes) • To introduce/clarify the MFP of vocab. used to describe the taste and texture of food

The T writes the title "Descriptive words for food" on the WB "When food burns your mouth and you desperately need a glass of milk, it is ____. [spicy] (Drill /'spaisi/ Food or a drink that leaves a strong often bad taste in your mouth like very dark chocolate ____ .[bitter] (Drill /'bItər/ Tea is bitter.) Food that has no flavor and no spices like plain spaghetti is ______. [bland] (Drill /ae/ The meat is bland.) Mashed potatoes with pieces of uncooked potato in it is _______. [lumpy] (Drill /ʌ /. The potatoes are lumpy.) Putting bread in soup makes the bread _____. [soggy] (wet and soft /a:/ The bread is soggy.) Food like potato chips that make a loud noise when you chew them are ____. [crunchy] ( Drill /ʌ / Peanuts are crunchy.) Candies especially gum that make you chew repeatedly (gesture) are _____. [chewy] (Drill /ˈtʃuːi/ Dried fruit is very chewy.) Food that tastes wonderful is ______. [delicious] (Drill /dɪˈlɪʃəs/) Food that tastes terrible is _____. [disgusting] (Drill /dɪsˈɡʌstɪŋ/ Apples are delicious. Liver is disgusting!) CCQs: "Using these words, how would you describe carrots? [crunchy] beer or alcohol [bitter] Adana kebabs [spicy] unsalted crackers [bland or crunchy] asure [lumpy] islak hamburger [soggy] "What are these? (Which parts of speech?) [adjectives]

Controlled Practice - Texture or Taste (3-4 minutes) • To provide controlled practice using the food vocabulary

"Do not unfold the paper. Work individually to place the provided words in the chart. Take 2 minutes. Are you working together? [No] For how long? [2 min]" Feedback: Check your answers with your partner.

Controlled Practice - describing (3-5 minutes) • To provide the Ss with controlled practice describing food

"Individually choose a word or words from the above chart to describe each food listed. Are you working alone? [Yes] Take 1 minute." FB: PW "Check your answers in pairs." FB: WC Revealing answer key "did anyone have any different answers?' [....] Possible Error Correction

Semi-Controlled Practice (10-12 minutes) • To provide semi-controlled practice using the vocab to describe different foods to one another

"What are some example sentences you would use to describe fresh onions? [They're vegetables. They are bitter when they're uncooked. They are crunchy but smooth. They are delicious when cooked in olive oil. They are used in most Turkish dishes. They make your breathe smell terrible ....] In pairs, take turns describing the food items on your flashcards to get your partner to guess what the food is. Are you working alone? [no, in pairs] What will you use to describe the food? [gesturing the vocab on the board] Can you use other adjectives than the ones on your chart? [Absolutely]" Feedback: WC Error Correction

Production (8-10 minutes) • To provide freer speaking practice focusing on using the food vocab. more fluently

With your partners, talk about foods you regularly ate in your childhood (with your families at home, at school, or on holidays). Discuss your eating habits as a child. Be descriptive. What would be some helpful grammar for this exercise? [used to, would] Do you talk about foods you liked and disliked? [Yes] Are you working alone? [No, in pairs] FB: WC "Did you learn anything inserting or unusual about each other? [...]" Error Correction

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