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Hala Laith.13 June 2013
Upper-Intermediate level


This lesson is focused on reading tasks ,dealing with new vocabularies and concerning a common context which might be of a high interest for some students .


Abc -WB
Abc -photocopies /Inside Out Ss book
Abc a handout (home made -hala 2013)

Main Aims

  • To motivate students and activate their receptive skills of reading

Subsidiary Aims

  • To exposure to the meanings of new vocabularies within the text which Ss are going to read


warmer-lead in (10 minutes) • to provide an opportunity to practice the TL and to familiarize them with the context of the lesson

To start the lead-in stage ,the teacher gives a topic to brainstorm ideas about where Ss would love to be instead of sitting in the class and provide reasons for their choices . _The teacher divides the class into small groups and ask Ss to discuss three questions in p.68 about being on the beach after taking a look at the picture in the front page , then feed back their group's answers to the rest of the class.

Skimming stage (10 minutes) • to get the students into the general idea

Before asking the students to skim the reading to get the general idea and practice the task ,the teacher elicit some ideas of what are to be considered as spoiling for a typical day at the seaside and ask each pair to list them . students will read for few minutes and compare their answers with what they encountered in the reading text ,then feed back eliciting take place .

Scanning stage (15 minutes) • to generate production from the receptive reading skills

-To ask the students to read the text again toward the practice and produce of task 3 through the process of scanning the text students will figure out whether the statement in ex3 are True or False in which provides the students a good chance to participate and produce feed back .

working on vocabularies (10 minutes) • to get the students into the new vocabularies and make sure they understand them

let the students work in pairs to find out the meanings of the underlined words in the text ,then hand them out free activity and ask to work out individually then check their answers in pairs then the pairs join each other to form two groups as the pyramiding feedback will take place ,

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