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Writing Postcard
beginner A1 level


In this lesson students are going to practice writing. They are going to write a postcard. Then they will share their postcards with their friends.


Abc Writing postcard

Main Aims

  • Write a postcard using topic vocabulary.

Subsidiary Aims

  • Practice topic vocabulary and read each other’s postcards.


Introduction: (15 minutes) • Holiday story,

Teacher starts the lesson by telling the students about her holiday story. She shows some pictures related to her story and will target on the adjectives that students need to learn. I like Antalya because it is a beautiful city. We stay in a big hotel. We eat in the expensive restaurant. The weather is hot but we want to see everything. People are really friendly. In the center of the city there are small stores. We visit old house and take some good photos. There are nice places to see such as the famous waterfall. Then students will take turns and talk about their favorite holiday using the target words.

Lead-in (10 minutes) • Sample postcard

Students are work as in pair.Teacher passes out cut strips and asks students to put them in the order. When they finish they can check their answer. Teacher passes out a sample postcard and asks students to read and guess where this place is. Teacher asks students to find all the adjectives listed on the postcard and underlined these words. Then students work in pairs and check their answers with each other

Lead-in (10 minutes) • Writing postcard

Teacher passes out postcards and students start to write a postcard. Students will use the sample postcard to create their own postcard. At the end students will decorate their postcards.

Freer practice (10 minutes) • Students practice language

When everyone is done creating their own postcards, each student will walk around and read their postcards to each other and guess where is this place. While they are guessing they can ask these questions 1. Is this place near the sea? 2. Is this a hot/ cold place? 3. Describe what you see there? 4. Are the people in this city friendly? 5. Do you think this place is near to the city?

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