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Lesson 7_Work & Study
Elementary A1 level


In this lesson, students will practice listening for gist and in detail about universities. They will determine a title and they will listen for specific detail about different programs. They will also work with and apply vocabulary focusing on different institutional settings from nursery school to university.


Abc Graph & Questions
Abc Vocabulary Worksheet

Main Aims

  • Students will listen to recording for gist and detail. First, the class will listen for gist and determine a proper title for the reading. Next, students will listen for detail and apply detail facts to specific universities in reading.

Subsidiary Aims

  • Students will learn new vocabulary focusing on levels of study. They will apply vocabulary in a controlled activity. They will also have opportunities to speak after analyzing a graph depicting years of education by country.


Discussion Starter (3-4 minutes) • To introduce context of education (different levels).

1. Open PowerPoint to slide representing images of different levels of education. 2. Ask questions such as 'what do you see in these pictures'? 'What are they about'?

Pre-listening Vocabulary (8-9 minutes) • To review and/or introduce vocabulary students will encounter in listening assignment.

1. Ask students to put UK terms in order of level (nursery, primary, secondary, university) 2. Introduce/review terms (education levels) with students. 3. Explain difference to US terms. 4. Students complete controlled activity applying vocabulary (specific - different levels - medical, law school, etc)

Listening for Gist (6-7 minutes) • Students listen to recordings to determine a title that fits the context.

1. Instruct students they will be listening to recording for high level understanding. Explain to them they will need to determine a title from the recording they listen to. 2. Project titles on screen 3. Review instructions with students. 4. Have them work in pairs to select title. 5. Listen to recordings again. 6. Have students vote on title

Listening for Detail (12-13 minutes) • Students listen to recordings for detail and complete chart with facts from recordings.

1. Explain to students they will listen again for detail. Explain they need to pay attention to detail such as name, where, when and extra information. 2. Provide an example for them to learn from. 3. Tell students once they are done listening they will work in pairs to complete chart. 4. Handout chart (specifically folded so they focus on one university at a time). 5. Listen to recordings (1st time for detail). 6. Ask students to flip paper depending on which recording we are listening to (folded to help with process). 7. Students work with partners to complete chart. 8. Listen again to fill in any gaps. 9. Review answers with students.

Speaking Practice (11-12 minutes) • Students review graph and respond to questions regarding data presented.

1. Open PowerPoint to graph and provide handout to students. 2. Ask questions to students regarding graph ' which country has the most years of education'? 'How many years is the average amount of education for Turkey'? 'Which country has the least amount of years of education'? 3. Instruct students to flip over sheet and work in pairs to answer questions. 4. Review answers with class.

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