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Beginner level


In this lesson, students learn how to tell the time and get some speaking and writing practice to develop accuracy. At first, the teacher presents the language of telling time and conducts controlled whole-class practice and drill. Then the students practice understanding and using time expressions in pairs using a matching worksheet and writing a dictation. Afterward, students do an information gap activity, and finish with a telling time chain game.


Abc HO1 Time expressions
Abc HO2 Cards with times
Abc HO3 Time matching to clocks
Abc HO4 Clock activity
Abc HO5 Time chain game

Main Aims

  • To present and practice ways of telling time

Subsidiary Aims

  • To give sts controlled speaking and writing practice to develop accuracy


Lead-in (1-2 minutes) • To engage students and set the context

Elicit the word 'clock' by showing it on the wall. Ask what the question for clock/time is. Write "What time is it?" and "clock" on WB

Vocabulary work (10-12 minutes) • To teach the ways of telling times with "quarter past"/"quarter to"/ "half past"/ "o'clock" and provide controlled practice

Draw 4 clocks on the board, and give out HO 1 with times written on them (o'clock, quarter past, quarter to, half past). Ask the sts to work in pairs and match the clocks with the times in the HO. Whole class FB. T writes the answers on the WB. Ask what do we say when 'it [the big hand]'s here[at quarter to/past/half past and o'clock]', showing the clocks on WB. Drill the pronunciation of 'a quarter to/ a quarter past/ half past/ o'clock'. Show what a quarter is on a pie chart, and 1/4; a half is 1/2. Practice understanding of 'a quarter to/ a quarter past/ half past/ o'clock' by showing a minute hand of the clock by a right arm (physical activity). Show the sts the cards with time written in numbers on them (HO 2) and practice telling the time.

Telling times (10-12 minutes) • To provide controlled practice in telling time, with 5 minute intervals

If students have problems with numbers, quickly review the words for 1-9 and 10-60, using the WB. Show HO 3 (times with 5 minute intervals) and cards with time written on them. Ask sts to match them. Elicit answers for FB. Drill pronunciation and check for understanding by first asking "Is 4.35 35 minutes to 5, or 25 minutes to 5?", and highlighting the halves of the clock, and then is comparing 4.15 and 3.45. Dictate students some times and ask them to write it in numbers. Stick the answersheet on the wall for students to check themselves.

Clock activity (12-15 minutes) • To give sts controlled speaking and writing practice

Divide the class into groups A and B. Group A gets HO 4A, group B gets HO 4B. Ask the sts to write the time and check together. Draw the first example on the WB. Call st A and st B to the board and demonstrate the activity (both st A and B ask and draw). Pair the students (A and B together) and ask them to do the same for all clocks.

Telling time chain game (5-5 minutes) • To provide practice in telling the time

Get the sts to stand up, give out the cards from HO 5. T shows first by reading the first card. "I have twenty-five minutes to seven. Who has five minutes past seven?"

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